Press Release

Venus Sugar Mill Upgrades to Amity’s Sugar Management System

Replacing the existing sugar management system running in the premises, the sugar factory decided to upgrade their systems with the specialised sugar management system by Amity Software.
Venus Sugar Mill, Chandausi today announced that they are letting go of their previously installed sugar management system and are upgrading to install the customised and latest sugar management system designed by Amity Software. The decision was in the wraps for the past few weeks and received the final go earlier today. Venus, with Amity’s sugar management system, will leverage a transparent system with informed risk management decision making.

Venus Sugar Mill is one of the elite classes known for producing the finest sugar grains in the country. Since the year 1991, the mill is involved in sugarcane farming, sugarcane crushing, sugar manufacturing, market gardening, and horticulture.

The mill is currently running a sugar management system that, according to their technical leaders, has several limitations and does not allow them the wide monitoring as seamlessly as the one by Amity does. The organisation will use the comprehensiveness and robustness of the sugar management system by Amity to address its end-to-end sugar requirements. They will be able to monitor and manage parameters like land recruitment, payment to the farmers, quantity of the inputs, etc.

“To prolong success in the current rapidly changing technology environment, it is always necessary to take the next step beyond just another sugar management system,” says Fanish Shah, Consultant – Senior Team Lead, Amity Software. “With the adoption of Amity’s sugar management system, Venus Sugar will be able to streamline their entire process – from harvesting of the sugarcane by their farmers to dispatching the packed sugar to retailers – for better efficiency. We studied their existing system which only handles the streamlining of the in-factory operations. Therefore, upgrading to our next-step solution will further strengthen their capabilities by integrating and managing all critical business processes into one powerful system, thus enabling them to deliver an enhanced experience to their customers as well as creating better relations with their farmers.”

Amity’s sugar management system, or Pulse AMS, is a specialised ERP solution for managing the complete life cycle of the sugarcane crop as seen from the sugar factories’ perspective. It enables the sugar companies to manage the good quality, consistent, adequate, and on-time supply of sugarcane. The system addresses all aspects of cultivation, monitoring, maturity, harvesting, and finance (loans & payments to farmers, harvesting contractors, transporters).