Avail yourself with flexible data storage & hosting services by choosing the suitable storage package for your business. Upgrade or downgrade anytime as per your needs.

Secure Cloud Storage For Your Data

The emerging technologies reshaped the data storage and hosting methods. Our reliable storage and hosting service drives operational excellence and resolves the concern of limited storage to keep the critical data. Whether it's a small company or a well-established firm, the new technologies enabled online storage where capacity is expandable to cater to the growing need for data storage. We deliver customized cloud storage services to ensure your company does not face data storage issues.

Enhance Agility with Our Reliable Cloud Storage Service

Transform your business, increase agility, accelerate innovation, and reduce costs. If you are looking for a credible database storage solution, you are at the right place. Our online storage solutions offer deep functionality for storing, analyzing, accessing, and protecting your data.

Reduce Risk

Our solution reduces the risk of failure with well-examined processes and methodologies.


Ensure cloud governance, compliance, and visibility with a digital self-service storage model.


Cloud storage and hosting facilitate smart monitoring and preemptive management.

Scale Your Business Through Cloud Storage Solutions

Choose the most suitable plan from a broad portfolio of storage solutions. Investing in the right service provides your business with a competitive advantage.

Primary storage

Leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) primary storage, we aim to help the different sectors store their critical data in a secure database by providing cost-efficient storage resources like Amazon EBS and Amazon S3.


To be compliant with your organization’s policies for data retention, archiving solutions are crucial. We deliver top-grade archival solutions leveraging Amazon S3 storage, Amazon S3 Glacier, and Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive services.

Backup & Restore

We offer a cloud backup service that enables smooth backup of critical business data and applications from your business’s servers on the Cloud. It ensures quick access to the files and data available when restoration requirement is raised.

Disaster Recovery

The disaster recovery plan is the need for every business, and we are committed to delivering the same. It ensures that your production remains unaffected even if failure strikes and enables recovery from downtime in minutes.