Enable real-time alerts for instant insight, automate workflow, save time and eliminate manual input errors through efficient Commodity Trading Software.

Commodity Grading Software by Amity Software

Commodity Grading System streamlines and automates the data entry and data management processes of agriculture grading. Agri produce grading is done by either government agencies or on behalf of the government. Commodity grading means analysing the commodity for the quality, size, weight & purity and issuing a certificate for that. Commodity grading software makes this analysis and certificate issuance process easier and efficient through streamlining.

What All Process Does It Handle?

The process of commodity grading solution starts with the collection of a sample from the farm or other sources. You can log the sample as collected in the system and assign a tag to the sample. The commodity grading software is a grading software for crops that generates a Commodity Grading Index (CGI) against the tag number. As the sample passes through the various test and work stations, the data entry is fed into the grading software for foodgrains. The entries and stations can be added or omitted from the master sheet depending on the process flow your organisation follows. Based on the data stored in the grading software for seeds, the commodity grading software generates the certificate of grade and print it while integrating moisture analyser. The online portal with the system offers real-time status of the sample to the stakeholders.

Why Our Software for Commodity Grading?

Computerised Workflow

Based on the process adopted by you, we prepare a master datasheet and add workstations where the employees fill the data and mark the entries. The entries in commodity grading software are updated on a real-time basis and can be traced back even after months.

Online Web Portal

The web portal is synchronised with the grading software and all the data uploaded to the commodity grading software can be viewed remotely on the web portal. The web portal data is updated in real-time in accordance with the grading software.

Automatic Report Generation

Generation of the reports is the most tedious of the tasks in any business process. The data entries made to the commodity grading software are combined and the report is generated stating the grading of the sample and the certificate is printed.

User-Friendly Interface

Our system is based in simple interface because we do not want you to be fumbling about the system trying to figure out where the thing you are looking for is. Also, we do not want you to spend most of the time reading through the user manual trying to understand what exactly you are dealing with.

Goodbye Data Entry

The times when your employees spend more time in filling data to the sheet than performing their task is gone. We allow you to only perform the tests in the machines and the system will digitally fetch data wherever possible. This ensures that there are minimum processes which require data entry.

SMS and Email Alerts

The system sends out automatically generated status alerts and notifications to the stakeholders of the sample. The notification sending is done through email as well as through the SMS. Our commodity grading software keeps the stakeholders in the loop and within the process.

Commodity Grading Software for Agriculture Industry

The Commodity Grading Software is an integrated foodgrains grading software for automation of Grading Operations. Our foodgrains grading system is integrated with the website and online sample entry system to collect samples from different warehouses, farms etc. Foodgrains grading solution is a complete solution developed by Amity which provides a full scope of weighing, grading data management and report generation.

Boost crop value

The commodity grading software makes sure that a good price is earned for the agricultural produce. The market value of the product touches the height.

Enhances crop quality

When the farmer receives the right price for the crops sold, they can invest more to improve the crop quality.

Benefit for all

The software used for grading the crops benefits the framers, traders, and consumers of the agricultural marketing system. It also benefits at the global level.

Increases demand

The agricultural products that are graded will likely develop more competitive demand for a standard quality crop at the global level.