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Financial Asset Management Software

Adjust to business requirements and manage investment-related operations effectively with flexible Financial Asset Management Software Solutions.

Financial Asset Management Software by Amity Software

Managing of financial asset for the organisations and businesses is a hefty task. A systematic approach is needed to govern and realise value from the things that a group of entity is responsible for. Managing of financial assets is done over the tangible or physical assets, i.e. money. For proper financial asset management, one needs a systematic approach of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of financial assets in the most cost-effective manner. This also includes all costs, risks, and performance attributes. For this, we have prepared Amity α-Asset, comprehensive financial asset management software.

What does the solution cater to?

Amity α-Asset is an ERP suite prepared for financial asset management companies. As the name suggests, it handles and manages the finances of your clients from end-to-end cycle. Our financial asset management software handles the money that your clients are investing with you.

What all is included in Amity α-Asset?

Amity α-Asset handles the financial assets for your client right from the beginning to the end of the flow. It helps you in accessing all the information from a single source of truth, aids in streamlines information processing, and gives you proper management of the system by following a defined hierarchy.

Data Analysis

A financial asset management software is not good enough if it cannot analyse the data your system stores in it. But not Amity α-Asset. You can use our software suite to analyse the past as well as the present data that you store in the system. This data analysis gives an overview of the performance of the financial investment of the clients. Using the performance results for these assets, the stakeholders can execute a holistic approach.

Risk-return analysis

Each and every one of your client wants to know how much risk is associated with an investment and what return is the asset securing. Amity α-Asset is the financial asset management software which keeps tabs on the risk and return of the investment performance of the market. The risk and return can be calculated by collecting the industry data and comparing them with the past and current performance of the assets from the system.


The financial asset management software by Amity is a mine of information. Every thread of data passes through Amity α-Asset. This gives you everything you need to pull up a projection for the financial assets of your clients. Our software, with the help of valuation data, gives you the investment value projection graph. Using this, your clients can realise which investments and asset performs well and can grow in the future.

An Ideal Solution That Streamlines The Business

Amity α-Asset is an end-to-end web-based solution for investment management companies. It is fully equipped to handle multi-currency and multi-country operations. Our solution can be used by any organisations dealing with investment management, insurance fund management, pension fund management, etc. Amity α-Asset is a web-based solution with additional capabilities of mobility and portal. Our solution can be deployed as a holistic suite or as individual modules which can be integrated with existing legacy systems.

Eliminate errors

The use of digital solutions replaces the manual process with automation. Hence, the chances of getting wrong values are ruled out.


The software works automatically and updates data for fast-moving assets efficiently. It also monitors the users’ activities and tracks the location and other info.

Easy payments

The payment of taxes and insurance assets become much easier than before. It also prevents the companies from facing financial losses

Financial reports

Asset management software makes the audit process effective and efficient. To measure the company’s growth, it generates authentic financial reports.