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The Leader In Solid Waste Management/Landfill Software

Solid Waste Management Software has become a necessity of the modernising world. Collection and disposal monitoring management of waste poses a challenge across the globe. The governments and companies are shifting their focus on the collection and proper treatment of all the solid waste from factories and households. Management of solid waste allows easy recycling as well of the items that are not disposal trash.

Solid Waste Management Software Solutions is useful where people are living in the settlement. It helps in managing & disposing of the solid waste which is becoming an issue. With the era of digitalisation and technology advancement, waste management saw new dawn where it can be changed and used as a valuable resource. The need of the hour demands every household and business owner for an effective waste disposal monitoring.

On-Demand Solid Waste Management Software

Our Solid Waste Disposal Monitoring Software is a blend of several technologies to give a smooth and uninterrupted waste collection service. It manages solid waste and effectively disposes of them.
  • Mobile app and web-based software
  • Delivery agent app
  • Delivery dispatch automation
  • Live waste disposal tracking
  • Automatic route optimisation
  • Advanced real-time analytics

Features of Our Solid Waste Management Software System


Solid waste management software allows users to define the geo-fence or the allowable radius for the collection truck. With the help of geo-fence, the administrator can be assured that no two vehicles will cross over and intercept each other’s operation. In case the geo-fence is breached, the administrator will be notified immediately.

Alerts & Updates

The solid waste management software sends real-time tracking data and insights to the administrators. Based on the preference, the updates are SMS based, e-mail based, and both. With alert and updates on the movement, you do not need to be constantly logged in to the system. Also, cycle updates allow landfills to know everything.

Real-Time Tracking

The solid waste management software can be easily integrated with vehicle tracking software. Through this, the administrators know where their vehicles are, in real-time. They know the route followed, the number of stops made, the average time taken for the route, etc. It also allows you to schedule the shifts for the next rotation.

Predefined Route

The waste disposal monitoring module also allows you to define the route that the collection truck has to follow. You can also set the path as default in the system. If the truck deviates from the designated path without authorisation, the administrator will be notified immediately via alert notification.

MIS Reporting

Using the solid waste management software, the administrator can generate the Management Information System reports for better decision making. The MIS reports allow your business to take control of the fleet and analysis of the information. Our solid waste disposal monitoring software gives insight into the process flow.

Payments Based on Weight

The entry station for the disposing ground is fitted with a smart automatic weighing. With waste disposal tracking, you can weigh the gross waste collected by the truck. Based on the weight, the system calculates the payment for the employee for the waste collected in the run.

Why Choose Solid Waste Management Software?

The entire system of monitoring and data logging is automated with no human interaction. The users can access the location through a web portal, can pull out previous records from the system and can also opt for the SMS alert notification service to receive an alert.


The software lets you know how much area is available to be filled in real-time lets you reduce the cost of operation upgrade.


With millions of bytes of data collected and analysed every minute, the system gives accurate results.


Manual surveying, manual inspection, manual verification, etc. are ways to burn time and money. The automatic system makes it easy and faster.


Solid waste management system identifies and tells you to fix a problem before it grows to become expensive and time-consuming.