Press Release

Amity Commences S/4HANA Upgrade Project for TGI Group, Nigeria

Amity Software, Noida to upgrade the existing SAP ERP system at Tropical General Investments, Nigeria with the latest version – SAP S/4HANA.
Amity Software today announced that the Tropical General Investments Group , Nigeria, a niche international investment and holding company, will adopt SAP S/4HANA ERP and leverage its Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities to boost their business. TGI Group will be able to make data-centric decisions with predictive analytics and releasing smart enterprise resource planning for their business process management.

The TGI Group, with primary operations in Africa, Middle East, and Asia, covers manufacturing, production, marketing, and distribution. They deal in fruit drinks, juices, dairy products, packaged food, vegetable oil, cotton ginning, poultry, industrial chemical, agrochemicals, etc.

The company will be adopting S/4HANA to witness growth and development with the aid of advanced digital transformation, improved efficiency through automatic processes, and redefining the business processes. All this will take place without any additional cost of the hardware hosting as the business is upgrading their existing SAP ERP system to the latest one. With the adoption of S/4HANA, TGI Group will streamline the business for better efficiency using the next-generation technologies of AI & ML. This will also strengthen their capabilities by integrating and managing all critical business processes into one powerful system, thus enabling them to deliver an enhanced experience to their clients everywhere.

“Everyone knows that businesses always need to grow and upgrade themselves to the latest offerings in the world or they will be soon run over by someone who does. A study by IBM revealed that companies, once they install an ERP system, do not go for an upgrade even after 5 or 10 years,” said SAP Team, Amity Software. “Businesses of tomorrow will require the deepest and broadest intelligence to retain their competitive edge. With S/4HANA TGI Group will run faster, operate smarter, and achieve industry & operational excellence. The solution will aid them with the necessary skill sets to stay several steps ahead of their competition and help realise greater profitability.”

Amity believes that every business need is different and every software varies to suit these requirements. Therefore, it becomes necessary and important that the correct implementation methodology is adopted failing which can bring budget overruns, delayed rollouts, long system downtime, and even failures of the system. With the help of SAP implementation services by Amity, businesses witness consistent efficient performance and success.