General Insurance Software is a global solution for general insurers that provides complete self-efficiency. AmityAssure covers all your business processes for policy, underwriting, claims, reinsurance and accounting, thus avoiding re-keying and providing you with the coveted ‘single version of the truth’ across all operations.


The All-in-One General Insurance Software Solution

AmityAssure, a general insurance software suite is a solution designed for general insurance companies.

It allows you to access any and all the information that you need about an insurance policy to the customers. We understand that in the 21st century, customers always keep businesses on their toes. They want information at their fingertips, whenever they request it. Whether you are in an office or on the road, our system ensures that the staff of your business is aware of the policy information and can relay them to a customer whenever needed. The insurance software does that with the help of several engineered processes whose architecture is as per the challenges faced by your business.

AmityAssure modules

Over the years, Amity Software has been working with global insurance companies as technology partners.

Automate Risk Assessment With Reliable Insurance Software

Manual monitoring and working of the general insurance business lead to data redundancy, maintenance of a pile of documents and files, time in generating reports after studying all the concerned documents, time taken to search for any information and many more. To curb all these challenges, you can opt for AmityAssure a computerized system that manages everything for you.

Customer support

Our technical team is readily available to offer support at any time of the day of the year.

Constant protection

We use encryption channels in insurance software to secure from unauthorized access.

Uninterrupted service

We use only the best components available in the proposed price segment.

Unmatched innovation

Our advanced and innovative insurance management software offers end-to-end services.

general insurance software

A Complete General Insurance Software Solution

AmityAssure, general insurance software is a high ROI tool that automated the end to end business requirements and manages all the insurance operations.

Requirement Analysis

In the first step, we analyze the client’s requirements and devise a plan to implement the software solution that the client is looking for.


Depending on the client’s requirements and the challenges faced by them, our team designs architecture for the insurance software solution.


Once the design is ready and the client has approved, our insurance software developers begin with the implementation of the solution.


Once the implementation of the software solution is complete, our testing team will perform end-to-end testing of the system and fix the bugs if any.

Final Delivery

Once the entire system is tested and the flaws are fixed, we will deliver the final insurance software solution to the client.