Moving Towards Digitalization with Our Software Solutions

We cater to a wide range of sectors including logistics & shipping, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, oil & gas, energy & utilities. Our experts draw from the domains and have a clear understanding of both the current situation, as well as of the outlook for the industry specific requirements, which enables us to provide the right solution.

Logistics and Shipping




Energy & Utility

What do we think?

  • Our endeavour is to put deep thought into defining our process to inbuild proficiency, enhance productivity, drive in cost efficiency for improved profit.
  • We hire the best innovative minds to design the best solutions that enhance productivity to bring a competitive edge to your company.
  • We are known for our talented and knowledgeable teams who welcome challenging tasks to showcase their expertise in providing the best software solutions.
  • We leverage emerging technologies to create comprehensive solutions that drive transformation in companies.
  • Optimizing the software utility through customized solutions designed to meet your business requirements.

Why choose us?

Amity Software delivers quality products and services by implementing cutting-edge technology. Our solution facilitates the enterprise to maximize the ROI and re-align the business process to make your vision advance.

Team of Experts

Manufacturing companies need experts in their field to understand their requirements and do the proper research on the current market conditions. Our team has specialists who deliver the desired solution within the given time constraint.

Software Maintenance

We value our customers more than anything and offer a complete software development & maintenance service for the manufacturing sector. Our customers can completely rely on us for any sort of problem detected in the software.

Cost Optimal

Digitization and process automation enables the business to experience remarkable growth while saving time and money used to hire required manpower. The companies can boost productivity, yield, and the quality of work through our effective solutions.