Manage your real-estate business by enhancing visibility, enabling data tracking, and boosting customer satisfaction with comprehensive real-estate management software.

Real Estate Management Software by Amity Software

Real Estate Management Software (Amity REMS) is an end-to-end ERP suite for real estate business. It is a web-based platform that can be used by real estate businesses as well as their customers. It also comes with a mobile application to manage the processes and operations on the move. Amity REMS is designed keeping in mind all spectrums of the real estate market and all stakeholders in the businesses. You can be a commercial business, multifamily business, sell affordable plans, or attend to the senior citizens; Amity REMS helps you to meet the business management needs accurately.

Real Estate Management Software for Efficient Business

Amity has worked with a number of customer requirements, taken into account the various industry standards, and have launched a complete ERP solution for the real estate firms. Our objective with the solution is to give real estate businesses high results and offer a good ROI.

The real estate management software streamlines the process flow and offers a transparent system across the entire business. This allows you to improve productivity as it saves time in information gathering and allows you, different stakeholder, to collaborate. Amity REMS is an independent system that does not require you to constantly look into it, thereby allowing you to focus more on the business.

Modules in Amity REMS

Indent & Purchase

Real estate businesses receive orders from the clients for new requests, repairs, and other needs. The real estate management software stores information. Additionally, our system is also with an enquiry management section where you can view and take action on enquiries, and compares quotations from various agents.

Financial Accounting

The real estate management software manages the vouchers for your real estate business. Using the browser option, you can search for the vouchers, maintain a digital journal voucher, and ensure secure payments by allowing only the administrators to approve a voucher and send a request for cheque print.

Rental Module

Our real estate management software allows you to manage the entire rental module. You can generate rent agreement between your business (or the property owner) & the tenant and set up a rent collection cycle for the property. You can verify genuineness of invoice generated by agent and manage rent agreement.

Payroll Module

Our real estate management software also acts as payroll system. You can add employees to payroll system. You can keep an eye on monthly transactions taking place in the business, track leaves of the employees, and process their paycheques.

Water Management

The real estate management software is integrated with the billing process, automatically stores the meter reading for the water use, calculate the invoice as per the governing regulations, and generate payment statements to the property occupiers.

KPI Module

The KPI module in the real estate management software allows the real estate business owners to define the KPI types for their business. You can enter and edit a KPI type for the business from the master KPI sheet. Every KPI is defined by the market trends.

An Efficient Software Solution For The Real Estate Industry

Pricing in real estate is constantly under pressure, while input costs are continually rising. Added to this is a highly competitive market which further puts stress on the profitability of the business. Demanding customer expectations and adherence to regulatory norms are additional factors that real estate projects must deliver on. The right technology, blended with industry-best practices to automate real estate management, can be a game-changer. Amity REMS, an advanced real estate management software, is a state-of-the-art solution which addresses the requirements across the entire lifecycle of real estate operations, serving as an ERP for real estate companies.


The programs are integrated into cloud realtors that can be easily accessed by the brokers. The programs are updated frequently in the cloud.


The real-estate management software supports and maintains the integrity of the pictures and supporting documents of the properties of the clients.


Cloud-based software offers better data security through consolidation of the documents. The data gets centralized in one place and offers easy access.

Faster payment

Realtors and brokers can receive payments fast by sending payments reminders generated automatically. It also them to enforce late fees in