The Horticulture management system seamlessly integrates across the enterprise with other systems and brings standardization across the company.

Integrated Agriculture Software For Horticulture Industry

AMS for horticulture management is a multi-user, multi-location farm resource planning software system. It is comprehensive software developed for use by growers, agricultural factories, grower associations, exporters, and government departments. The importance of processing a high-quality management policy with seamless integration of quality-related functions and processes on the supply chain has gone from a benefit to a demand. The HMS includes quality management functionality to provide growers and factories with a competitive edge.

Streamline the Horticulture Business Processes

This solution is being used by agribusiness factories, contract farming agencies, agriculture produce procurement companies, and exporters. It creates a comprehensive database with a unique ID for every grower, along with land details and crop monitoring schedules. It consists of a set of farm management modules to be used by farmers as and when required.

Do it right the first time

Getting the right products in the right quantity to the right place at the right time is a critical success factor. But there is one parameter to this is cost-effectiveness. The AMS for horticulture management makes sure your business’s products are generated in the right quantity for the right customer.

Enjoy a flexible lookup

If the product has to be tracked back to the source due to fault, you should be able to do that without much hassle. But a manual system does not allow you to do that. With the help of our AMS, you get a flexible product lookup. Electronically record customer number, serial number, aftermarket number, product description.

Track product movement

Every product that enters and exits the warehouse passes through the system. The information for each product is stored, like published price, purchase number, name of the vendor, etc. Integrated with the RFID system, you can see where the product is on the premises at any given time.

Manage your sales

The AMS for horticulture management is a tool that lets you manage all your sales from a single place. This means that you can supply the new customers easily, generate an invoice for them quickly, and collect payment without delay. Keep a track on cash flow.

Keep track of your lots

The system keeps you updated about information received by the farm industry, and stores the information electronically in a digital database. AMS for horticulture management allows you to remotely access the status of packaging and shipment of the products.

Build better relationships with customers

With the lead management feature in the AMS for horticulture management, you are able to keep a record of the online leads, the list of imports by your vendors, and the history of the single lead. The system gives reminders for follow up with a potential lead customer.

Effective Agriculture Software for Horticulture Sector

Developing a high-quality horticulture management system that offers seamless integration of different operations and processes within the organization.


Integrate with ERP, smart weighment, and other systems seamlessly to bring standardization across the company.

Cost Optimal

Due to reduction of cost for manpower, losses due to errors, enhanced productivity, yield, and quality, with timely alerts.


The system ensures high security through stringent checks and balances across the process.

Farmer Delight

By eliminating the scope for malpractices, bringing, transparency in weighing and enhancing farmer-factory connect.