Scale growth, reduce time, streamline operations, and remodel your agribusiness for profitability & productivity with the leading agriculture management software solutions.


Redefine Your Agribusiness Processes With Digitalization

Manual processes are slow and troublesome. It takes a long time and needs a higher number of workers. It brings downs the efficiency and hence the overall productivity. Modern technology drives your business by changing the existing approach. We deliver top-notch quality software solutions that are entirely user-friendly and effective. Our agriculture management software (AMS) reduces manpower and implements automation in order to remove dependence on individual skills.

We Cater To Diverse Sectors In Agribusiness

At Amity Software, we transform ideas into a reality. We deliver our agriculture solution to different industries that act as a catalyst in each significant agribusiness process.

Agriculture Management Software Delivery Model

We believe in innovations and digitalization. We stick to agile practices for the designing and developing of agriculture management software. Let us have a look at our delivery model:

Empower Your Agribusiness To Become Profitable with Agriculture Manegement Software

We believe the time is precious and hence we value every second of our customers. Expedite your business processes through digital transformation.

Land Acquisition and Preparation

Allows plot registration, farming contract registration, management of land purchases, nursery management, farmer registration, etc.

Dispatch and Delivery

Handles vehicle management, vehicle tracking through GPS, quality inspection of the product, gross weighing, etc.

Crop Management

Includes machinery management, road maintenance in the field, seed supply monitoring, water supply management, plucking calendar, etc.

Post-delivery Operations

Monitors withering, rolling, grading, processing, pulping of the product along with input billing, farmer payment, contractor payment, etc.

Integrate Your Business Processes with Agriculture Management Software

360° Control

Our solution enables complete control over business operations and helps the owners keep the records in a single database.

Better Relationship with Farmers

The farm management system enhances transparency and strengthens the farmer-factory relationship.

Cost Optimal

The use of smart agriculture solutions minimizes the manpower and material inputs along with the optimizations of the processes.

Seamless Integration with Agriculture Management Software

Agribusiness is adopting technological advancements and reshaping business processes. Our agriculture management software seamlessly integrates with the existing enterprise systems and makes the operations smoother and faster. We have a team of innovative in-house developers who analyze the requirements, do their research, and move to designing and developing valuable software for the agriculture industry.

Benefits of using an efficient Agriculture ERP Software

Better Planning and Tracking

Enables efficient planning, tracking of real-time activities, better decision making, pest control measures, and optimal use of fertilizers.

Savings on Inputs and Costs

The system is cost-efficient and streamlines the entire farm activities combining business and operational data to boost ROI.

Efficient Risk Management

The system facilitates the farmers in gaining better control through sending alerts for impending risks and learning risk mitigation.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

AMS overcomes compliance issues and uses traceability mechanisms to ensure high-quality crops that are ideal for consumption.

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

The AMS solution helps eliminate inappropriate practices of farming and suggests various ways to save natural resources.

Maximizes the Productivity

Drives efficiency and production yield to ensure optimum quality, timely inputs, information delivery, and close monitoring.