Press Release

Amity’s Pulse ERP System at Bhoramdeo Sahakari Shakkar Utpadak Karkhana Implemented

The Bhoramdeo Sahakari Shakkar Utpadak Karkhana has successfully implemented the Pulse ERP system and Sugarcane Management System by Amity in their sugar factory.
Amity announces that Bhoramdeo Sahakari Shakkar Utpadak Karkhana, a niche sugar manufacturing factory in the state of Chhattisgarh, successfully implemented Amity’s Pulse ERP system and leverages its crop lifecycle monitoring and sugarcane quality management capabilities to boost their business. BSSUK will address end-to-end agriculture-related requirements, from land recruitment to payment to farmers against their sugarcane supply and combine industry best practices with the needs of their geography and location.

Bhoramdeo Sahakari Shakkar Utpadak Karkhana started operations in the year 2002 with an initial capacity of 2500. As the area expanded, the factory decided to expand its crushing capacity. The first expansion was done by Karkhana from 2500 TCD to 3500 TCD. In the year 2013, a 6MW biomass power plant was installed by Chhattisgarh Renewable Energy Development Agency in the premises of the factory.

BSSUK is adopting the system to ensure maximum production yield at best quality, ensure timely inputs, closely monitoring the inputs and efficient operations. The implementation uniquely places itself in the business functioning of the factory and will ascertain optimised utilisation of the field staff by providing relevant information in time and enabling remedial measures while eliminating errors and averting losses. Pulse ERP is designed for 24×7 operations and will offer a field-proven, scalable, transparent, and sustainable solution with minimal dependence on human interference. BSSUK, with the help of Sugarcane Management System, will be able to drive efficiency in operations as a planned and streamlined process with each stakeholder and at each stage of the workflow, seamlessly executing its function to ensure end-to-end and uninterrupted supply of sugarcane in the plant.

“The system will also allow for course correction, remedies and interventions, as and when any emergent or ad hoc situation arises, through close monitoring and timely alerts,” said Fanish Shah, Consultant – Senior Team Lead, Amity Software. “At all the critical stages, quality checks will be undertaken to enhance the health of the seeds. BSSUK will observe complete end-to-end crop lifecycle monitoring which will give complete control over the crop to ensure maximum yield and improve the factory-farmer relationships.

PULSE AMS a specialised ERP solution for managing the complete life cycle of the crop for the sugar factories. It enables the sugar companies to manage the good quality, consistent, adequate, and on-time supply of sugarcane. The system addresses all aspects of cultivation, monitoring, maturity, harvesting, and finance (loans & payments to farmers, harvesting contractors, transporters).