Press Release

Pulse ERP System Goes Live In All Units of Dwarikesh Sugar Industries, India

Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited, a leader in the Indian sugar industry, has successfully started using Amity’s Pulse ERP System for all its units in Bijnor and Bareilly.
Amity Software, a progressive thinker for innovative solutions for agribusinesses, has successfully implemented the Pulse ERP system at Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited, a company known for producing fine sugar of supreme quality. The project is aimed to make use of smart decisions & crop life cycle monitoring to increase the mill’s reliability, better focus on customer satisfaction, and ensure the best quality product to pass through their doors.

Dwarikesh Sugar is a multi-faceted, diversified industrial group which manufactures one of the finest grains of sugar in the country. The group began operations with the commissioning of its first plant of 2500 TCD in Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh and stands tall today in the manufacturing of sugar, ethanol, and industrial alcohol. The company headquarters is in Mumbai and is driven by a vision of excellence and has a philosophy to either find a way or make one achieve excellence across its business value chain.

The company adopted the Pule ERP system and is observing management of the complete life cycle of the sugar crops. The system has provided them with complete control on the crop to ensure maximum yield by computing the quantity of inputs to be deployed on field like that of seed, fertiliser, pesticide, scheduling, harvesting, etc. With the help of this control, Dwarikesh has observed a reduction in the cut to crush time for its fields which, in turn, added to the cost optimisation. The system provides timely valuable analytics and information for better decision-making.

“Every mill takes deep care of the productivity and quality of the crop it is acquiring. For farmers, it means a planned and consistent approach – from soil assessment to ensuring a healthy crop,” said Gopal Jha, Consultant – Junior Team Lead, Amity Software. “The factories are dependent on the farmers for sugarcane and are always worried about the quality, predictability, and consistency of the sugarcane to ensure continued and uninterrupted production. With our product, Dwarikesh is now experiencing a significant rise in production and input reliability. This means customer satisfaction for us and them. Win-win.”

PULSE AMS a specialised ERP solution for managing the complete life cycle of the crop for the sugar factories. It enables the sugar companies to manage good quality, consistent, adequate, and on-time supply of sugarcane. The system addresses all aspects of cultivation, monitoring, maturity, harvesting, and finance (loans & payments to farmers, harvesting contractors, transporters).