Press Release

Kenya Orient Life Assurance Adapts Our Life Insurance Management System

Kenya Orient Life Assurance, a subsidiary of Kenya Orient Insurance Limited, a prestigious insurance company of Kenya, adapts Amity ASSURE, an ERP suite for managing all their life insurance business activities, clients, and other mission-critical objectives.

Amity Software and Kenya Orient Life Assurance Limited joined hands when the latter adopted Amity ASSURE, a life insurance management system, to leverage its secure and business intelligent design to boost their business. Kenya Orient Life Assurance, with the help of an on premise implementation, is making intelligent business decisions while gaining insights and analytics of their products, by deploying Amity ASSURE for their business operations.

Kenya Orient Life Assurance Limited is a rapidly growing provider of life insurance and retirement planning solutions. The organisation is known for providing life insurance and retirement planning solutions both for individuals, groups of people, and corporates. Kenya Orient Life Assurance is an affiliate company to Kenya Orient Insurance Limited, Family Bank Limited, Alpha Africa Asset Managers Limited, Daykio Plantations, and Family Group Foundation.

The organisation adopted Amity ASSURE, a comprehensive life insurance management system that enabled coverage offering to both, individuals as well as groups. Incorporating the latest technologies and coupled with the industry best practices, Amity ASSURE supports all core insurance functions for new businesses as well as reinsurance. It blends established technologies and cutting edge tools to provide stakeholders with a slew of choices for multimodal access over the web and mobile.

“The technology in the 21st century is growing as fast as we can spell it. The business models and the way businesses are being conducted are undergoing a paradigm shift. This shift has also influenced the insurance business approaches – for companies as well as the customers,” said Vijayan Nair, Senior Consultant, Amity Software. “Today, customers want minimal human interaction and companies are also interested in providing a seamless environment to facilitate all operational requirements by using a policy admin system in life insurance. Amity ASSURE is helping Kenya Orient to increase their concentration on enhancing core business activities and streamline their processes with our life insurance agency management software.”

Amity ASSURE enhanced customer experience, gives mission-critical underwriting decisions, allows direct online access to customers, ensures cost optimisation through streamlined processes, produces reliable data analytics for informed decision-making, and boasts of a powerful engine to ensure 100% compliance to mandatory/statutory requirements.