Press Release

SAP ERP Implementation Goes Live for Kochi Metro Rail Limited

A customised ERP suite for the needs and operations of the Kochi Metro Rail Limited was created which went live for functioning earlier this month.
The ERP implementation project worked by Amity Software and its team of developers bore results when the system went live for functioning earlier this month on 5 December 2018. Kochi Metro Rail Limited, a joint venture between the Government of India and the Government of Kerala, had invited organisations to supply and implement ERP solution. Out of the many prospective bidders, the contract was secured by Amity Software Systems Limited, Noida.

Kochi Metro Rail Limited, or KMRL, is an attempt by the government to migrate citizens to use public transport than personal vehicles. In the process, they have upgraded the transportation nature for the people and are establishing it to become the urban transport solution provider for the people of Kerala. The vision for the metro line is to create an integrated, centralised, and synchronous system that share one timetable, one ticketing centre, and one command control.

The ERP solution at KMRL is aimed to process all the functional units, integrate with the digital signature, and monitors the biometric attendance system. Adding to this, the solution also provides implementation and project management services and is used by HR, Administration, Finance, Procurement, and Material Management services. The activities covered by the implemented system include vendor management, asset management, business analytics, e-procurement of good and services, and other related activities. The system is built on standard features and Amity has customised the system for specific business requirements. The team has integrated the system aligning with the modules and configurations of the KMRL.

“The ERP implementation for KMRL was a challenging task but we are proud to say that we have done it in the best way possible and in the minimum time,” says SAP Team, Amity Software. “The Go-Live was a big achievement for us and we are really proud of our team to put in such dedication and hard work at the final stages of the project. The team at KMRL had also supported us throughout the way and we were able to create a synergy between the two organisations acting as one entity working for a common goal. With the help of the active participation of the KMRL members, Amity was able to complete the UAT, user training, and cut over data preparation.”

SAP ERP, at the basic level, is a software that integrates all core processes of business operations (like HR, finance, manufacturing, supply chain, customer service, etc.) into a single system.