3 Reasons to Use Vehicle Tracking System in Agriculture

Agriculture is the foundation stone for every economy. A healthy agribusiness means progress for the nation and a large influx of money. Therefore, every agribusiness owner wants the produce of their farms and field is always maximum and profit-generating.

“With great power comes great responsibility,” said Uncle Ben while taking his final breaths in Peter’s arms.  Vehicle Tracking System is a great power, and it is our duty that we make proper use of that. So, isn’t vehicle tracking system a great power which should complete its responsibility for the backbone of economy, agriculture?

In this post, I am going to tell you 3 reasons to adopt a vehicle tracking system if you are an agribusiness owner.

Reason 1. You can increase the productivity of your processes

I know you are confused. How can vehicle tracking increase the productivity of my farming processes? But that is the beauty of technology, my friend, you can do wonder with that. Let me explain it to you how tracking your farm vehicles can help you improve your productivity.

Let us assume that you own a piece of land and you cultivate sugarcane on that. You own a harvester which has a capability to harvest cane in one-quarter of the field in a day. This means your entire cane will be harvested in 4 days. Now, on the fourth day, you see that more than half the field still remains to be harvested and the worker who was supposed to be harvesting says he is doing task best.

You install a vehicle tracking system and are now able to monitor how much the harvester has moved in the entire day. You see that the harvester stays at the same point for hours and hours due to which the cane harvesting is not being done. You confront the driver and find out that he would take a break regularly and sleep in the harvester after completing an hour of work.

You just improved the productivity of your farm by keeping a check on the vehicle position and you did not even have to hide and observe the harvester.

By installing a vehicle tracking system in your farm equipment, you can make sure that they are not wasting time and you are able to improve your productivity.

Reason 2. You can keep a check on the collection of field’s produce

If you are an agribusiness owner who runs a sugarcane crushing mill and has 50 fields in contract where you send your truck to collect the sugarcane produce, you want to make sure that the supply reaches you on time. But how do you make sure that the truck you have sent out to Sector 1 to collect the sugarcane is reaching there on time, is not wasting any precious time, is making the trip to all the said fields, and is not making any unauthorised detours?

With the help of a vehicle tracking system, of course!

The vehicle tracking system tells you the real-time position of the trucks that you have sent out. It will tell you where the truck is right now and in how much time will it reach the destination. Think of it as Google Maps that is specifically customised to monitor the movement of the truck you have installed the system in.

Let us assume that the truck is authorised to follow Route A to reach Sector 1. You do not want the truck to make any unofficial stops that are not justified or are not making any deviations from the defined route. The vehicle tracking system keeps a check on the route that the vehicle is following and will send an alert notification through SMS if the truck deviates from the route.

Also, if any other truck that is not supposed to be there reaches the place, another alert notification is sent.

Reason 3. You can keep an eye on the farm activities

In the technology-driven world and the rising demand, the agribusiness owners like you are adopting technological marvels and latest machinery to improve the efficiency of the field’s produce. This has led to creation of specialised machinery and equipment for every single process that you observe in the field.

If you want to spray fertiliser in the field, there is a machine for that.

If you want to plough the field, there is a machine for that.

If you want to sow seed in the entire field, there is a machine for that.

In the 21st century, there is specialised farm machinery for every single process that you are doing in the field. But what to do when these specialised equipment are not giving you the output that you thought you will receive? How to make sure that the sprayer is covering the field in sufficient time and is not wasting any input material? Or how much time did the seed planting machine took to sow the entire field?

With a vehicle tracking system, you can get an answer to all the queries. By keeping a check on the positioning and movement, you know how much time did the ploughing of the field took. Then you know how much time did the sowing of seeds took. On the basis of these outputs, you can prepare the lifecycle calendar of when the crop will be ready for harvest.

This is just a small portion of the benefits.

Installing a vehicle tracking system in your agriculture business gives the business a push to the profit generation and allows you complete control of the crop lifecycle activities. And, of course, you know exactly when and where you pricey farm equipment is. You don’t want it to wander off the field and result in a loss of thousands of dollars.

The vehicle tracking system has wide application fields and it is up to us to identify where it can fit in to suit the needs. Agribusiness is one and I will be back soon with the use of vehicle tracking system in other areas too.