Difference between Website & Web Portal – For Layman

The percentage of people who actually know the difference between a website and a web portal is quite good which is made by the developers.

But when you are a novice or have not a good enough idea of what a web portal is, you are prone to get confused between a website and a web portal with nothing but a few minor differences that can be overlooked.

However, when you are looking to build a web portal or a website, it is necessary that you know the key differences between these two so that nobody rips you off in the wrong way.

Key differences between website and web portal


A website, at the basic level, is simply a collection of several web pages that are published over the internet and are grouped together.

A web page is a document which is connected to the World Wide Web and can be read by a web browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, etc.

The website is hosted on a web server which is a computer on which the website is hosted.

Functionality of website

The website has web pages which tell the reader detailed information about a particular product or service and aims to convert a reader into a customer for the business.

The website contains answers to the queries that the customers have/can have related to your product or service.

A website has themes, functions, professional touch which say everything about the product or the service and builds credibility.

A website can be optimised as per the SEO guidelines of Google and improve brand visibility on the search engine to drive the traffic influx.

Web portal

Hold your horses because you are about to be in shock.

A web portal is, at the basic level, a specially designed website whose aim is to provide information to the visitors on the website that is gathered from various data sources.

The data sources can be online forums, emails, search engines, etc. and the information is presented in a uniform way.

A web portal is a personalised and customised library (an online collection of data, not the actual library in the English language) which aids in browsing notifications.

These notifications offer well-integrated data collected from a series of sources and also has advanced features like the creation of tasks, collaboration between the users, business intelligence monitoring, etc.

Functionality of the web portal

Development of a web portal improves the capability and performance of the website pages as it now delivers quality information with a new communication approach.

In a web portal, we only offer quality and high-end information to the visitors which strengthen the customer’s reliability and credibility on us. A web portal has a user-friendly interface and is a comprehensive platform.

The development of a web portal is domain-specific, i.e. you define the format exactly as per the specifications and needs of the domain. A web portal, thus, attracts the relevant traffic looking for information on the said domain.

A web portal can have grievance section, live chat, customer support, discussion forum, and other related areas which make interaction with the customers easier and better.

Web portal development

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