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Why Infield Weighing Is Beneficial for Tea and Coffee Weighing?

Tea and coffee weighing is best when done in the field itself. For this, Amity Software has developed a weighing system that is compact, portable, and easy to use. The infield weighing is a system that can carry out the weighing operations within the field itself.

But the question that arises is that why in the field weighing is better for tea leaf weighing or coffee weighing?

Benefits of Within the Field Weighing

Amity offers a mobile weighing solution that reduces the time from cutting of the plant to its weighing.

The advantages of the field weighing system are:

1.     Fresh Crop is weighed

Tea leaves and coffee plants dry up quickly once cut. Therefore, they suffer in terms of weight loss as well as quality. If the farmers were to fill them in bags and carry them to the factory for weighing, it will result in dried up and poor quality leaves.

In-field weighing, on the other hand, does all this right in the field itself. The farmers do not have to worry about keeping the produce fresh until they reach the factory.

2.     Reduced Time of Weighing

Tea leaves and coffee plants are best when they are weighed immediately as they are cut. Generally, the process of tea leaf weighing is that the leaves are cut, filled in bags, taken to weighing station, and then weighed.

Since the solution is a portable one, the farmer simply cut out the plants, fill them in bags right then and there in the field, weigh the crop on a Bluetooth hanging scale, and the handheld terminals generate the receipt for the weight.

3.     Transparency

The use of the digital hanging scale with Bluetooth cannot be tampered with by the factory representative or the farmer. All the weighing operations carried out are completely transparent.

The solution is designed to promote equality and uniformity within the system. Easy portability allows the weighing to be done at each and every section of the plantation.

Choose the Best In-Field Weighing System

Amity Software is a global leader in developing customer-centric and business-specific software solutions. Combining that knowledge with the challenges faced in tea leaf and coffee weighing, we have created a within the field weighing software solution.

Say hello to efficiency and goodbye to errors with smart portable weighing software designed for in-field weighing operations. For more details, write to us or contact us to schedule a free demo.