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Improve Your Factory-Farmer Relation with Cane Management Software

Over the years, the relationship between the farmers and the factory has been regarded as the crucial step in the sugarcane industry. With the help of the cane farmer management tool, sugar mills and factories are further strengthening the relationship between them and their sugarcane farmers.

How is cane management software helping the mills? Let us see.

Features of Cane Farmer Management Tool

There are several benefits and features of the software. Here are the top ones that you, as a sugar mill owner, should be concerned with:

1.     Dedicated Farmer Portal

With the software, the farmers get a dedicated online portal service. The portal holds all the information that the farmers are concerned with. Cane farmer management software is used by the farmers to get information of the allotted land, the weighing schedule, the raw material issued, the loans they have taken, and any other information related to their work.

2.     Invoicing Transparency

The details of price per tonne, loan repayment schedule, etc. are all stored digitally in the cane management system. So, when a farmer gets their sugarcane crop weighed at the weighing station, the system automatically calculates the payment to be made, the charges to be reduced from the payment and gives a transparent invoicing system for the farmers and escalates the trust on the system.

3.     Yield Monitoring

The cane farmer management software also helps the factories and the sugarcane farmer to monitor the yield in the field. High yield in the field means more raw materials for the mill and more production, while for the farmer it means more produce and more money. Thus, the end to end crop lifecycle monitoring feature also helps to improve the relationship between the mill and the farmer.

Improve Your Factory-Farmer Relationship with Amity

Amity Software’s cane farmer management software is one of the leading sugarcane industry tools used by hundreds of sugar companies in India and abroad. We are helping the mills and farmers to work in a close environment that is transparent, effective, and efficient.

For more details on how our software can help your business better, schedule a free demo by writing to our team or giving us a call.