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Save Business Costs with Vehicle Fuel Level Monitoring

Are your drivers stealing fuel from you?

Do you doubt that the vehicle was driven less and the receipt for the fuel was for more?

Have you been presented with a higher bill for less quantity of fuel?

Did the gas station dupe you of a few dollars by dispensing less fuel than the money should have bought?

Then you are in need of fuel level monitoring system that will monitor and regulate the fuel tank level in your vehicle for you. This little piece of software and hardware will help you save thousands of dollars annually by curbing fuel thefts.

Vehicle Fuel Theft Control

As said above, theft of fuel from the vehicles is one of the most commonly seen and loss generating activities in the industries. But due to lack of a monitoring system, there is nothing that one can do. But no more. With the help of technology, everything is possible in the 21st century.

Amity’s vehicle fuel level monitoring system gives you the power to monitor the fuel level in the vehicle in real-time.

How Does It Work?

Our team of technicians install a hardware device inside the vehicle fuel tank that comprises of sensors, communicators, and connect them to an individual battery. This separate battery means that the fuel level control mechanism will operate even when the vehicle’s electric systems are non-functioning.

Filling up the tank

Whenever you are refuelling the vehicle, the sensor will let you know the volume of fuel that was filled. All this information is given in real-time. If the machine dispensed less quantity for the money, then you can confront the gas station owner.

Real-time status of fuel in the tank

Vehicle fuel theft monitoring system also lets you know how much fuel the vehicle has at any given time. You can be sure that the driver is not stealing fuel from the vehicle for his/her personal gain. The system also alerts you when a sudden drop in the fuel level is seen by the system.

Verify fuel receipts

The fuel level control system can also be integrated with the GPS tracking device in the vehicle. It lets you know where and how much fuel was filled in the tank. The real-time updates let you know that if the reimbursement form presented to you in genuine or fake.

Insights, analytics, and reports

Based on your preference, you can receive comprehensive fuel consumption, location logs, and other details in insights, analytics, and reports from the system. The reports show daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually analytics as decided.

Vehicle Fuel Level Control by Amity

Fuel costs make up to approximately one-third of the operating costs of any fleet. Thus, stealing of fuel adds up to a huge loss at the end of the financial year.

Amity’s fuel tank level monitoring software prevents theft of fuel, allows you to verify the fuel logs, compare the fuel consumption with the vehicle route, and much more. Take the next step of cost-saving with Amity fuel theft control monitoring system.