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Is There A Device That Can Track & Archive Your Vehicles’ Location?

Yes, there is!

The Fleet Management System by Amity Software is such a tool for you.

As a business owner, it is understandable that you want to stay at the top of the information chain. Vehicle monitoring and fleet monitoring is one of the most important aspects for loosing and gaining revenue when you have several vehicles to operate and manage.

Amity provides software and hardware system that tracks all the vehicles in the fleet, monitors their location, creates an archive of the fleet, and gives you the real time GPS tracking of the fleet.

Fleet Monitoring – Why Need One?

There are a number of applications in a business where you can use the software for monitoring the fleet.

Some of the most common application areas of the vehicle fleet management software are:

In the Farms

Use of vehicles is prominent in the farms for various activities. Where there are vehicles, there is the question of work output efficiency and fuel usage efficiency. For this, the GPS tracking system of our fleet control and monitoring software is available.

How? Imagine that you are a farm owner and purchased a harvester. The company claimed that each harvester can clear a 20-acre field in an hour. But your harvester is only clearing about 10 acres of field.

With a GPS tracking system in the harvester, you can pull up records that show where the harvester was at what time and for how long. The positioning logs show if the company claim is false or if the driver is lying.

Geo Fencing of Vehicles

Vehicles in a fleet are often assigned designated areas to perform their actions. This is particularly noteworthy in a factory that has small forklifts and other vehicles that roam inside the premises. With the help of the fleet management system, you can ensure that the vehicles stay inside the digital boundary.

When the vehicle crosses over the digital boundary, the admin of the system will get mobile alerts, SMS notifications, push notifications, etc. Also, geo fences prevent the vehicle from entering unauthorised areas. Geo fencing of vehicles keeps your vehicles within control.

Truck Routes Monitoring

In businesses that are involved in the dispatch and delivery of goods, monitoring of the truck fleet is important. This is because your driver might take a route that is not authorised, might take a stop that is not permitted, or may take longer than the usual route time.

Truck routes monitoring feature of the software keeps you in the loop of the information. The real time GPS tracking feature allows you to locate the truck at any given time, pull up the activity archive, and see the positioning logs.


The Fleet Management System by Amity Software is an epitome of technology to monitor the fleet in your business, to keep them under check, to verify their journey details, and to curb any unethical activity that might lead to revenue loss.

Our vehicle fleet management comes with a real time GPS tracking feature and proprietary dual SIM connectivity that ensures uninterrupted communication. For more information, read more about our fleet management system.