Software Development

Insurance CRM Software Streamlines Underwriting Solutions

The insurance industry, like all other industries, is also always on a lookout for increasing their customer base and to deliver utmost consumer satisfaction. Insurance customer relationship management software adds as an extension to the quality service delivery.

Amity’s insurance CRM is a tool for building better customer relationships and acts as an insurance policy management software.

Tailored CRM for More Business

We prepare the general insurance software suites, insurance broker software, etc. and other underwriting solution for the underwriters.

With the help of the tailored and customised insurance management software, the underwriters are able to eliminate the challenges in the process. Less challenge means smoother functioning and happy customer; which leads to more business influx.

Underwriting solution by Amity is a CRM that aligns all the stakeholders involved in the process. These stakeholders get a transparent and clear overview of the system.

Can Be Used By All

Whether you are an insurance giant that is offering insurance plans to the customers or is an insurance broker acting as a bridge between the brokers and the insurance companies.

Also, the scope of insurance management software is not limited to creating new users and digitally storing their data. In addition to this, the insurance companies also use insurance CRM for insurance claim management.

Features of the Insurance Management System

Some of the top features of the software system are:

  • Within the budget
  • Robust
  • Scalable for future growth
  • Reliable

Streamlined Underwriting

One of the most important parts of any insurance is the underwriting. The risk assessment of the insured and evaluating the parameters is a task that needs concentration and time.

Underwriting solution and with the help of the technology and IT solutions, this process has been made easy and simple. The underwriters do not have to rely on the agents for the data, they do not have to recheck the entry in the system against the form, and other.

Underwriting solution eases the processes and automates it from end-to-end.

Amity is a leader when it comes to the development of customised and user requirement specific software solution. One such feat by Amity covers the development of a tailored insurance CRM that automates the insurance underwriting and claims process.

For more information on how our insurance management software can help your business, send us an email or contact our team.