Amity REMS – Redefining Customer Relations in Real Estate Industry

Merriam-Webster defines a customer as “one that purchases a commodity or a service”. The customer can either be an individual, a group of individuals or an organisation. Depending on the type of end-user, we classify business into B2B or B2C. Either way, you are involved with a customer.

Real estate industry, like any other business, survives on 1 primary input factor – the customers. Depending on the type of real estate property that you deal in, your customer can be a single person or a business.

Trying to run a business without customers? Think again.

Running a business involves many parameters that you have to excel in but one of the most required ones is the ability to keep your customers happy. A customer holds more power in the company than anyone else. If you are not serving yours well, they will start spending their money somewhere else.

Real estate is a highly competitive business domain. With the increasing competition and the desire to outgrow each other, real estate companies are always looking for ways in which they can serve their clients better. In the 21st century, the competitive edge between two businesses comes down to the customer service that you are offering.

For these progressive thinkers and forward driven businesses, Amity Software brings to you a Real Estate Management System. The Amity REMS is designed to play a significant role in how you deliver the real estate service to the customers and put you a step ahead of the competing businesses.

What exactly is a Real Estate Management Software?

If you are thinking that is a fancy name for Customer Relationship Management software, then you are partially correct. I mean, you are close but far. It is CRM software and much more than that. Think of it as a tool that is designed to manage not only your clients but your entire business.

But for now, I am going to tilt more towards the customer relation part.

Many studies over the years have called customer relationship as the bedrock of the real estate industry. You will be quite surprised but a real estate business is also involved in a bit of hospitality. Yes, hospitality. No, this hospitality is not like the tourism business.

The real estate business, apart from maintaining a healthy relationship with all of its customers also have to take care of one important part – to offer great hospitality service before, during, and after the requirements of the customer are met.

This means that you have to show them that you actually care about the fact that the customer wants 12 feet by 16 feet room where the fireplace is in the exact centre, no matter how many houses they have rejected due to this. You have to show them that you actually care that they are going to put their entire life’s savings in mortgage against this house; don’t ‘duh’ them because it is obvious. You have to show them that you care about if they find the house well-suited to their needs and requirements, even if it means you have to visit them a few times after they have moved in to check on them.

Who are your customers?

In a real estate business, your customers can be anyone! They can be vendors, buyers, landlords, tenants, etc. And Amity REMS is a tool that helps you manage and service them all. Depending on the demographics of the client, you can use the system to market them your services through a letter, email, SMS, or a website.

What does Amity REMS do?

One of the most subtle arts in a real estate business about customer relationship is to follow up with your prospects so that they do not forget about you and do it subtly, without irritating them. If your existing system asks you to call a customer 3 times a day to ask if their loan has been approved or not and when can the company expect a check for the confirmation, throw that system out immediately because you are never going to land a single customer this way.

Amity REMS is also a management tool, a tool that helps you upload all the listings on your website and real estate portals, helps you market your brochures to the prospective clients, and other things. With the help of Amity REMS, you can contact your customers automatically in the form of an email or an SMS whenever a new property is uploaded.

The Amity REMS is a system that will help you keep your clients for life. How? It reminds you to keep in touch with your past clients and past vendors, with the help of follow-up functionality, which creates a strong relationship with the clients and makes them come back for more.

Amity REMS is a tool that helps you save your time, not waste it.

Amity REMS – not just another real estate CRM

A great CRM can do a lot of things, but Amity’s REMS can do even better things, which are mentioned and beyond. The Amity REMS is a system that is designed to make your real estate business faster, efficient and help you make more money – at the end of the day that is all that matters.

Maximise your business results by building a better relationship with the customers with the help of Amity REMS.