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Manless Weighing Software System to Eliminate Duplicate Weighing

Duplicate weighing is one of the reasons for losses in the factory. Therefore, manless weighing software is needed by the factories to streamline the system and eliminate duplicate weighing. The use of a software system and automatic process streamlining leads to profits and better process results.

Here is a quick guide on how operatorless weighing software helps your factory’s weighing process.

Manless Weighing

The concept is simple – to automate and streamline the end to end weighing process. Right from the entry of the raw material to the exit of the empty truck, the automated system takes care of everything.

The quick working of the system is:

  1. At the entry station, the truck drivers present their RFID identification tags which are approved by the RFID readers. Once accepted, the truck driver’s and the truck’s entry is logged into the system. The operatorless weighing software does not use manual supervisors to verify the truck drivers at the entry.
  2. Once in, the drivers are separated from the weighing station with a boom barrier. This barrier separates the truck and prevents from one truck to come back into the chain again. Manless weighing software uses predefined code to operate the boom barrier.
  3. Every truck on the weighing station is weighed only once. The system does not execute the next step of the weighing unless the existing truck has moved on from the platform. This ensures that no truck is weighed twice and completely eliminates the duplicate weighing.
  4. The trucks are guided for the next step with the help of display board and traffic lights. Nowhere in the operatorless weighing software is a manual operator required to operate and keep a check on the system.

Experience 2X Profits in One Year!

With the help of Amity Software’s manless weighing software, businesses and factories have experienced up to 2 times higher returns and a drastic decline in the weighing related errors and frauds in their business. For more details on the automated truck scale, write to us or call the team at Amity Software.