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5 Benefits of Smart Weighing System over Manual Weighing System

In the age of automation and digitisation, if you are still using a manual weighing system, you are missing out on a lot of things.

Therefore, we have compiled a quick to refer the guide of the 5 losses you are knowingly or unknowingly incurring by using a manual weighing system instead of a smart weighing system.

5 Losses of Manual Weighing

Using a manual weighing instead of a smart weighing system comes with a lot of disadvantages. Some of these are:

1.     Frauds by Supervisor

Humans are greedy; there is no denying the fact. So, where there is a scope of fraud and ignorance for quick dollars, there is a possibility that the integrity of the person may be compromised.

The smart weighing system eliminates the possibility of these errors and frauds. The automatic system ensures that all the processes are executed and no command is skipped by the system.

2.     Weighing Without Delivery

There is a possibility that the truck is weighed, payment invoice is generated but the driver drives away without delivering the raw material. Or maybe the driver delivered only a part of the goods at the station.

With the smart weighing system at the exit also, factories can ensure that the truck has been emptied at the station and no driver is taking away the good without complete delivery.

3.     Human Errors

One of the most common errors in weighing operations is related to data entry. The operator did not see properly, the sun blinded the correct weight, the handwriting is not clear, or anything else.

The smart weighing system does all this digitally. No need to rely on an operator for recording and logging the data into the system. The data is free from any human errors.

4.     All the Time in the World

Manual systems are slow and take forever to execute one process to another. This leads to frustration and redundancy in the system as the supervisor tries to hurry the queue through the weighing station.

The smart weighing system uses automatic boom barrier and signal lights to let the other drivers know the status of the process. Also, the automatic system is much faster and quick in executing commands.

5.     Centralised Information

Use of manual systems does not allow centralised information system in the process. Thus, anytime someone wants access to any data, they need to dig in the files and registers to extract the information.

The smart weighing system stores everything digitally on a central server. All the people associated with the system can access the system from anywhere.

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