Enable real-time tracking, instant notifications, and speed monitoring through our efficient vehicle tracking software.

Customized Vehicle Tracking Software by Amity

Vehicle tracking software is called Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) which is designed to address the unique requirements of the users. It presents an integrated and complete solution combining state-of-the-art technologies and Amity’s industry-proven software. Our Real-Time GPS Tracking Software, while addressing vehicle tracking operations, also aligns with the core functioning of the user organisation.

The vehicle tracking software uses GPS tracking Software and proprietary software & firmware and is operational in diverse industries including e-government, agriculture, manufacturing, and mining for fleet management.

Use of Vehicle Tracking Software

Our innovative device with GSM/GPRS SIM cards has a fallback mechanism. This, in the event of a network communication failure, calls the network of the second SIM card to take over so that tracking information continues to be communicated uninterrupted.

Our vehicle tracking software also uses technologies like Real-Time GPS Tracking Software and assisted GPS in which if GPS data is not available, the position of the vehicle is determined using the cell phone tower data.

Use of VIS in Vehicle Tracking Software

The Vehicle Identification System (VIS) does geo fencing of vehicles. With the help of our software, you can always keep an eye on the vehicle, pull up the log of where the vehicle went, and always get real time status updates.


There are two types of tags used in vehicle tracking software, each of which is uniquely pre-numbered. These are the Electronic Product Code or EPC, tags which are from a distance and capture on computers. Unlike bar code reader, these can be read even if not directly in front of readers and are readable from a distance of up to 9 metres.


Readers are installed at token points so that vehicles fixed with tags can be read automatically by the vehicle tracking software. This reader is connected to a computer as well as an antenna. The antenna is in the form of two vertical masts. These masts are fixed on each side of the gate so that the tag is within a distance of 9 metres from the antenna mast.

Process of VIS

The VIS of vehicle tracking system is designed for the identification of cane vehicles. This system eliminates fraudulent or duplicate weighment resulting in cost savings for the mill. Whenever a vehicle (cart, trolley, etc.) brings the cane for the first time, a tag is nailed or screwed to the vehicle. Once fixed, it lasts for several years. We provide the option of tag with a hole in the centre so these can be nailed to the vehicles.

Customized Vehicle Tracking Software by Amity

Our vehicle tracking software can easily track the vehicle, is highly efficient on mapping the vehicles, can be categorised based on the vehicle classification of the business, and is designed with two SIM card facility. If one network fails, the system automatically switches over to the next SIM and provides the details. It is a tool for truck routes monitoring.

Remote Monitoring

Store, view receipts, and other information at every fill-up. Get in depth reports and analysis on vehicle fuel consumption and fuel costs.

Reduce Cost

Reduce operating and long-term ownership costs with our preventive reminders. Get stats and charts to keep the health of your fleet in check.

Live GPS Tracking

Keep track of your driver’s activities trips in real time, with our live GPS tracking feature. Enhance safety for the drivers and assets.

Automated Reports

Take hold of your fleet operations with our easy-to-read analysis. With our reporting you will be able to fix problems before they happen.