Eliminating the need of manpower and boost transparency and predictability in delivery with digital truck scale solutions.

Automated Weighing for Truck Scale Software

Smart Weighing Software System, an automated weighing for truck scale, is an operator less weighing software and manless weighing software which automates the weighing process at the weighbridges. The most popular use of our Smart Weighing System is found in factories and mills where raw material weight needs to be verified regularly, large quantities of material is handled, and where the possibility of error needs to be as minimum as it can be. Weighing scale is successfully running in sugarcane mills, cement factories, coal mines, and paper mills, along with other industry verticals. Financial implications of the Truck Weighing System in these industries show up to 15% increased efficiency in the weighing process.

Unattended Operation of Truck Scale Software

The Automated Weighing for truck scale solution that runs without an operator. With the blend of technology and industry domain, we have created a software suite that handles the weighing process from end-to-end for avoiding weighing frauds and give error free weighing. With the use of smart card based weighing and RFID based weighing software, the system is oblivious to errors like a mistake in reading the value, falsifying the weight, generating two receipts for the same truck, etc.

Solution Components in Truck Scale Software

Entry Token Station

The weighbridge software is synchronised with RFID solution at the entry token station. The truck owner presents its RFID based radio token to the machine and can move further when the machine approves the radio token. For factories without RFID system, the entry station scans truck documents and factory representative verifies them.

First Weighment Station

The first weighment station is that part of weighing management software which houses control station for weighing process. Controlled by an automatic boom barrier, there can only be one truck in the platform at a time. This prevents any oncoming truck from entering the truck scale. Here, the truck carrying supplies is weighed.

Loading/Unloading Point

The weighing management software is used for the management of unloading bay where the truck comes into factory, is weighed, and the supply it is carrying is unloaded. Also, the truck can be loaded using the weighing management software where the product is loaded into the truck. For loading, the empty truck is weighed and verified.

Second Weighment Station

If the truck was unloaded, the second weighing station uses weighing management software to authorise the empty weight of the truck. The system verifies that this weight lies within the permissible limit. If the truck was loaded at the plant, the second station verifies that the supply loaded into the truck is within the permissible limit and the authorised quantity.

Security Checkpoint

Security check is where the truck is weighed after the crop or any other raw material has been unladed. The weighing management software is configured with the standard datasheet for the trucks where the tare or unladen weight of the truck is stored. This station is a double check stop that ensures the truck is within the allowed weight limit.

Exit Station

At the exit station, the weighbridge software marks the truck as exiting from the truck scale. This is where the documents are collected by the truck; the entry and exit are logged in to the system. The automated voice guiding weighing system provides accuracy in the weighment process and a smooth process from the entry of truck till its exit.

Truck Scale Software by Amity Software

We know that weighing is critical and integral to business operations, right from the inward movement of raw material to outward movement of finished goods. Smart Weighment System is one of the most sought-after and proven weighing management software solutions. Designed for 24×7 heavy-duty operations in industries requiring bulk weighing, Smart Weighment Solution offers a robust, scalable option, independent of human interface.

Automated operations

It further eliminates manpower requirements and situations for manual manipulation. It builds transparency.


With the reduction in workforce, and maximization of the speed and yield. Checks and controls further prevent losses and errors.

Better customer experience

Enhanced transparency further contributes to improved customer experience and better customer relationships.


The modular architecture of the weighing software facilitates the addition of new components as and when needed.