Network & Security Manager

Job description

Person will be the senior most person in our I.T. Department. He himself is expected to be an expert on Windows based servers, IIS, Zimbra email server, Firewalls, Routers, and working knowledge of Network security EPP, EDR, DLP etc. Knowledge of Linux will be a plus. He will be head of our IT department, which includes a Windows Network Administrator, a Linux Network Administrator, and a Hardware Maintenance Engineer.


Our IT department is responsible for following activities, for which Network & Security Manager will be responsible directly as a departmental head.

1. Security:

1.1. Prevention of Attacks Virus, Malware, Phishing, Spam, and Ransomware

1.2. Anti-virus, Firewalls, Anti-hacking software installation and updating.

1.3. Deployment of EPP, EDR, DLP etc

1.4. VPN security

1.5. Complete Security Management

2. Server Maintenance: We have 15+ physical server boxes in our office, most of which are Servers on Internet.

2.1. OS Support – Windows Server/ Linux

2.2. Installation and upkeep of these servers: Ensure 99.9% uptime

2.3. Managing Virtual Servers and Virtual Machines

2.4. Managing IIS, hosting of web-sites on these servers

2.5. Managing regular back-ups

2.6. User Management:

2.6.1. Restricting space utilization

2.6.2. Restricting Access to certain folders etc

2.7. Ensuring that Email System is working properly

2.8. All Administrative and Super-user passwords

2.9. Hardware Support: includes maintenance of supporting equipment like UPS so as to ensure High Availability.

3. LAN Maintenance

3.1. Support of all switches, hubs and related network equipment, includes Maintenance of supporting equipment like UPS

3.2. Ensuring that our LAN is up, running always.

4. Internet Connectivity: for all Leased lines in our office(s)

4.1. Managing our own fixed IPs

4.2. Ensuring that internet connection lines are up & running: includes all work related to installation, shifting, disconnection etc

4.3. Coordination / Liaison with ISPs in all related matters

4.4. Security of internet access: Internet access should be restricted to various employees, as per company policies.

4.5. Maintenance of Leased Line Routers & MUX, Modems, Wireless Access Points, Firewalls and other critical hardware

4.6. All Administrative and Super-user passwords

5. Email (on Zimbra) and FTP Accounts:

5.1. Creation, Deletion, and Maintenance of Official Email Accounts

5.2. Space allocation to email accounts

5.3. Back-up Emails

5.4. Creation, Deletion, and Maintenance of FTP Accounts

5.5. All concerned Control Panel and FTP passwords

6. Miscellaneous

6.1. Office Security Maintenance

6.1.1. Security Cameras: Installation, upkeep, recoding, and backing-up of recordings.

6.1.2. Inter Office Connectivity: VPN

6.1.3. All concerned Administrative and Super-user passwords

6.1.4. Anti-copying measures in office: Restriction of access on LAN server Disabling USB drives of Workstations, wherever required Controlling outgoing email sizes Controlling Wireless connectivity on Desktops, Laptops, Mobile Phones etc

6.2. Computers (PCs and Laptops) and Printers

6.2.1. Hardware Support of Desktops, and Laptops, which are being used by our staff.

6.2.2. Anti-virus Installation.

6.2.3. Formatting and installation of Windows, on request from Admin / concerned executive.

6.2.4. Includes installation of supporting software like Visual Studio.

6.2.5. Maintenance of original OS and Software CDs of these PCs/Laptops is the responsibility of ADMIN department.

6.3. Customer Support: against Maintenance contracts taken by AMITY

6.3.1. Hardware and Network maintenance as per companys commitments or AMC Contract will require coordination with outside repairing agencies

6.3.2. OS Installation and Support for customers LAN server under AMC. This will include Taking backup of disk, disk formatting, OS installation (Linux / Windows), configuration settings, restoring from backup. Installation of RDBMS (Oracle/SQL Server etc) to be handled by software team.

6.3.3. UPS Management

6.3.4. EAPBX Management

6.4. Any other jobs assigned from time to time.


Roles & responsibilities of This Position:

  • Installing, configuring and maintain servers and networks.
  • Overseeing system performance and troubleshooting issues.
  • Creating a backup and safeguarding the data if there are any hindrances.
  • Host the Websites, install certificate, setting the application pool and troubleshoot the website issue like, slowness of the Websites & database connection issue.
  • Performing system upgrades following new releases.
  • Maintaining internal documentation.
  • Handle the Vendors and AMC.
  • Performing account setup and Group Policy in Active Directory.
  • Sustaining network integrity, server deployment and security.
  • Monitoring and maintaining network servers such as file servers, VPN and Firewall intrusion detection systems.
  • Configuring and maintaining the firewall.
  • Ensuring high-level security and efficiency.
  • Schedule the Windows server Backup and archive on archive disk.
  • Install and configure the MSSQL and schedule the maintenance plan in MSSSQL.
  • Install and configure the antivirus Server.
  • Installing the RDP for WFH.
  • Setup the Wi-Fi and Maintain the ACL.
  • System monitoring
  • New accounts set-up, Group Policy Management and Active Directory Administration
  • Design new computer and server performance.
  • Run reports on system performance on daily basis
  • Optimize processes and lead process improvement
  • Manage and handle OEM Vendors
  • Manage team member and user credentials and frameworks
  • Troubleshoot technical issues
  • Coordinate and provide support for Firewall and network system
  • Ensure systems are secure and protected from breach or viruses
  • Risk mitigation planning.
  • Planning and budgeting for IT asset.


Technical Skills Required in Candidate

  • Active Directory & Group Policy Management
  • Security Management
  • VPN & Network Management
  • Firewall Management
  • Server Management
  • IIS Management
  • Database Management (MS-SQL, MySQL, Maria dB)
  • OEM Vendor Management
  • IT Planning, Budgeting & Patch Management
  • Visual Source Safe Management
  • SVN Management

Certifications like CCNP, MCSE, CISM, CISSP, Citrix Certification etc is preferred

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