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SAP Migration and Upgrade Services

Stay with SAP Migration and Upgrade Services

With technical upgrade of your existing SAP system, your business works with better features and functionalities. We offer you a seamless migration of the source data to the newer system. With a strategic and planned approach, we make sure that the new system is not unfamiliar to the users.

With SAP data migration services by Amity, you get migration, consolidation, rationalisation, application, etc. of your work to SAP S/4HANA platform. We give our clients secure and complete migration of data to the new system.

As a business owner, you need SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. For that, you can migrate to SAP S/4HANA, build an entirely new system or use SAP S/4HANA along with other systems.

Result Oriented SAP Migration Services

How We Ensure Successful SAP Data Migration Services?

For your business to successfully migrate to the SAP HANA platform, our consultants follow the below-mentioned stages.

Technical Assessment

Most businesses operate with disparate systems and processes. Hence, the first thing our team does is to provide you with a definitive overview of the existing technology landscape. This is aided by the challenges & benefits of migrating to the SAP HANA platform.

Solution Assessment

Our SAP cloud migration services team works with the IT department of your business to understand the business intelligence infrastructure for your organisation. On the basis of that, we suggest the solution blueprint with requirements and proposed solution architecture.

Technical Upgrade

The technical upgrade includes operating systems, databases, and all Advanced Business Application Programs. The SAP migration services also take care of reports, function module pools, interfaces, and other customisations. You can opt for System Migration or Platform Migration.

Implementation Services

The final stage is the end to end SAP HANA implementation. SAP data migration services analyse technical parameters of your project, its integration with current infrastructure, laying down data integration requirements, and loading HANA data structures on a front end solution.

SAP S/4HANA Transition Scenarios

Benefits of Using SAP System for Your Business

The need for data centralization is the prominent reason for the migration towards SAP. The companies seek to simplify their business processes and save time.


SAP implementation reduces the administrational and operational expenses by using real-time information. It enables the companies to control their operations and avoid delays.

Advanced-data security

The use of SAP software ensures high data quality and advanced data security. SAP allows access to the significance of data allocation and minimizes data usage for the individual.

Better scaling

SAP system entirely fits all the ongoing market criteria. It facilitates the companies to handle the business expansion if they are looking forward to expanding their services to a larger region.

Upgrades transparency

With the use of SAP software, the companies can take their business transparency to another level. It also enhances customer experience and offers a clear view of

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of applications can be migrated?

You can migrate SAP business applications and non-SAP applications that are running on the third party database to your SAP S/4HANA platform.

What database migration tools you use?

We use different third-party database migration tools that are released by SAP and SAP partners for migrating SAP and non-SAP databases.

What services do you offer for smooth migration?

We offer a range of SAP migration services including migration planning, prototyping, ROI analysis, implementation assistance, and handholding support.

Why should I choose an SAP Partner for migration?

The migration process requires many technical resources for an end to end database migration. SAP partners offer you the specialised resources for this.