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Digital In-field Weighing System

In-Field Weighing Software System specialises in weighing of different commodities like milk, banana, and other agricultural produce within the field itself. The field weighing software system is a mobile weighing software solution that is a portable equipment specially designed and developed for use at remote locations close to farmers and fields. The most popular use of the system is for tea leaf weighing software.

How We Streamline In field Weighing Software Within Field?

The within the farm weighing system brings in transparency, accuracy, and speed as it automates the complete crop procurement process. We have built several features and components that make the weighing inside the field an easy and hassle-free process. A Bluetooth hanging scale is for weighing purposes, an industrial-grade & rugged hand-held PDA computer shows the display digitally of the weight, a mobile printer that prints a receipt and can be carried anywhere, etc. Our proprietary software is for PDA based weighing.

Advantages of In-field Weighing

Automatic System

Involvement of the smart card allows system to verify and approve the processes. Removal of human elements from the system increases the system efficiency and transactions become easier.

Free From Errors

Amity SIA is based on a transparent system where everything is exactly as it seems and the scope of tampering is minimum. Hence, the data and information generated by the system are accurate and free from errors.

Real-time Status

When you use the weighing system in the field, the GPS tracker in the field marks checkpoints in the field as done and update it in the server file. If the system is being viewed by the corporation, you can view the real-time status.

Speedy Crop Procurement

Amity SIA makes the procurement of tea & coffee easy so that the produce stays fresh. The facility to weigh the produce inside the field allows the contractors to verify each bag on the spot. The smart card system offers quick authorisation and speedy procurement.

Hard To Fool System

Amity SIA is built on latest security technologies and industry standards which are not easy to forge and easy to fool by any party, the farmer or the contractor. Therefore, the integrity of the system stays intact and any wilful error will be foiled.

Cost Optimisation

Amity SIA uses industry best practices from hundreds of studies and research data. This ascertains that you are using all the resources optimally with the least wastage. And optimum use of the resources makes sure that the operation costs are optimised.

In-field Weighing Software System by Amity

Amity SIA uses IP54 designed equipment which is suitable and durable for outdoor operations. The hardware devices like hanging scale with bluetooth, are safe from harm even in bright sunlight, heavy rainfall, dust collection, and free-fall to the ground. For the convenience of operations, we have also provided the provision of re-weighing of individual consignment or ‘a batch of consignments’ at the factory, to work out ‘shortages’ in transit.

Automated operations

It further eliminates manpower requirements and situations for manual manipulation. It builds transparency.


With the reduction in workforce, and maximization of the speed and yield. Checks and controls further prevent losses and errors.

Better customer experience

Enhanced transparency further contributes to improved customer experience and better customer relationships.


The modular architecture of the weighing software facilitates the addition of new components as and when needed.