Transform your customer experience by optimizing fuel utilization and minimizing fuel theft through a digital fuel dispenser monitoring system.

Automatic Fuel Dispenser Monitoring Software

Fuel Dispensing Control also called Smart Fuel Station System, is an operator-free and automatic fuel dispensing system. In this, the vehicle owners fill the fuel in their vehicles themselves and the use of filler is eliminated. The users are accountable for the genuine and intended use. The system is a virtually paperless one, except that there is a provision for issuance of receipt at the Fuel Station.

Salient Features

  • All vehicles and equipment can be tracked in real-time mode
  • Vehicle’s current location, speed, engine status, fuel status can be checked at the click of a button.
  • A supervisor or authorised user can stop the vehicle remotely by the shutting-off engine. In such an event engine can be started again by Supervisor only.
  • The trip replay is possible to check speeding, etc.
  • Vehicle historical data can be found on click of the button.