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What Is Agriculture Management Software, Its Pros and Cons?

Agriculture management software is a software suite that manages end-to-end business and managerial operations for any agribusiness. It includes modules for various department-based needs like farm management, labour management, agronomy, outgrower management, etc.

Overview of What Agriculture Management Software Does (Pros)

Imagine you own a sugar mill. You also have a 2000 hectare field registered for your mill to grow sugarcane. Your friend told you that there is software in the market for your agribusiness and you should check it out. So, here is a brief overview of what the agriculture management software will do.

The software will record the contract of the outgrower if there are any. This includes recording the contract of new lands and preparing the list of activities for the land preparation for farming (ploughing, etc.). Then the software records how the planting of the sugarcane will be done. The main purpose of agriculture management software comes when you need crop growth monitoring. And a great software vendor will also provide you with a calendar for the harvesting process. Isn’t that great news?

That is not all. Several vendors also have modules in their software which record land inspection data, prepare quality assessment reports, manage the use of fertilizers in the field. Agriculture management software also automates the seed supply process. This, however, is not needed for a sugar farm, though.

You get the idea, right?

But it not all gold and glitter down this road. While this software is a boon for literally so many businesses, there is a reason why still not all businesses have hopped on the bandwagon still. So, here are a few reasons why this is so.

Agriculture Management Software Has Downsides

We won’t go into a deep rant about this. But will just brush over the primary ones that you should know if you are planning to upgrade your agribusiness.

  1. Automation eats up jobs. So, if you are planning to automate several processes in the business, be ready to bid some of the employees goodbye.
  2. Agriculture management software is an expansive affair. It will burn a noticeable hole in your company’s finances. But don’t worry, the ROI is much greater. But yes, the one time blow is quite hard for businesses.

Amity Software – A Strategic Partner

Amity Software is a strategic partner for hundreds of businesses globally when it comes to agriculture management software. Our product offerings are designed after careful study of businesses and their needs. Some of these are:

  1. AMS for Sugar Industry for an end to end management of sugar mills, from preparing the farm for sugarcane planting till distributing sugar.
  2. AMS for Tea & Coffee Industry for tea plantation and coffee plantation management.
  • AMS for Seed Industry for seed companies, seed weighing, and seed quality inspection.
  1. AMS for Cereal & Food Grains Industry for planning, monitoring, quality checking, etc. for food grains.
  2. AMS for Horticulture for farm activity management, cattle management, poultry management, etc.

To know more about how agriculture management software can help your business, schedule a free consultation with our experts.