Steps to Choosing SAP Support & Maintenance Partner

SAP holds an astounding 24% of the ERP market share. Reinvent enterprises with SAP-driven business solutions that will transform big challenges into wins. The professionals dealing in support and maintenance of the leading ERP software need to be well-equipped to provide the highest level of quality in service.

What’s more, outsourcing SAP support and maintenance services helps reduce IT operation costs, and improves SAP quality of service, thus, providing an efficient solution for business owners. If you are searching for the SAP Maintenance Services and support partner, then look no further. This blog will guide you.

6 Tips for Choosing the Right SAP Support and Maintenance Partner

Here are six tips to choosing an SAP support and maintenance partner:

  • Identify if the provider meets your needs
  • Gain a good understanding of their skills and strengths
  • Assess whether they offer flexibility
  • SAP certification
  • SAP Partner Center of Expertise Accreditation (PCoE)
  • Service-level agreement

Let’s discuss them:

  1. Identify if the provider meets your needs

The ideal SAP partner should be actively present in responding to concerns and consider cyber-security a high priority.

  1. Gain a good understanding of their skills and strengths

Look for SAP Implementation partner with reliable SAP experience, a slew of specialized skills that align with your business processes.

  1. Assess whether they offer flexibility

A suitable SAP support will provide a range of customization choices to help you deal with every customer to improve ROI.

  1. SAP Certification

SAP has many facets, making it hard to master, but, hiring an SAP implementation company provider keeps away the losses.

  1. SAP Partner Center of Expertise Accreditation (PCoE)

This certification is a rigorous process that ensures the certified partner has knowledge and the staff required to deliver the highest level of support.

  1. Service-level agreement

A service-level agreement entails that the service provider agrees to deliver according to given instructions and relevant business objectives.


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