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RFID Software Solutions – Advantages It Gives Your Business

Retail and manufacturing businesses around the world are always looking for ways to improve their channels and revenue streams. For this, the best possible way is to streamline operations and automate the distribution channels.

For this, RFID software solutions prove to be a saviour. How? Let us see.

RFID Is Versatile

The earliest recorded uses of RFID include identifying enemy aeroplanes in World War II from friendly ones and shooting them. Since then, RFID has come a long way. Now, the applications of RFID have found their way into a number of daily operations from the field of war.

This has made RFID a versatile technology which is applicable to almost every single industry you can think of! FDA in the US is using RFID to track blood packets from blood banks.

RFID’s Compatibility is Amazing

The reason why RFID software solutions are loved by almost every industry is because of their compatibility. RFID tags are small pieces of technology that are able to store a large volume of data, saving space and cost for the business.

RFID allows businesses to keep a track of the tagged items in real-time, giving almost accurate results every time. In a warehouse, you can use a single RFID reader to track more than a dozen different items in a radius!

RFID Has Great Range

The average range of RFID readers in any RFID software solutions is 90 metres which is a significantly notable distance. With the use of electromagnets and silicon chips, the RFID technology is durable and reliable even in poor environmental conditions.

This is why RFID is able to transmit data from one tag to another without much attenuation or modification in the source.

RFID Software Solutions by Amity

Amity Software is a leader in developing industry-specific and mission-critical software solutions for businesses. We take a worldview and holistic approach, combined with the experience of the business analysts and consultants. RFID software solutions by Amity are prepared by keeping in minds the industry best practices and business requirements. For more details, contact our team by writing to us.