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Fleet Software: Will COVID Pandemic Change the Operation Landscape?

While businesses around the globe are opening up gradually with COVID-19 pandemic still in effect, it is clear that we need to adapt to the “new normal” or be crushed by the evolving working ways. One question that most businesses face is do they need fleet software, an expenditure when everyone is busy saving money?

In this blog, we are going to take a dive into the thesis of the new normal of the 21dt century and how you can align your business with profitability and not compromise on the safety of your employees.

The Evolving Landscape

With the rise of social distancing, where does fleet monitoring software fit in?

It is important to adapt and evolve business processes that work without too much dependence on other humans. This means that your business now has to formulate new policies and protocols for fleet and drivers.

Due to the pandemic, the customer demand will change and so will the way you conduct business. The result? You need to train your staff for the future so that they can make better decisions.

Without fleet management software, there are a few things that will only add to the pandemic’s effect on your business. The collisions of your fleet, breach in the system, etc. are issues that, if not plugged, will only add weight to the already down system.

What Can You Do?

Either you have resumed operations or will be resuming them soon. In both cases, training the employees for living with the pandemic and back to work during COVID-19 training is mandatory.

With the help of fleet monitoring software, you can make sure that the training learning to the staff is actually implemented. How?


Imagine you have a fleet of 20 trucks. Due to the pandemic, there will be less traffic on the roads. Your driver would take 3 days to cross two states. Now, he/she might take half time, right? Reports of speeding have increased globally.

Introduce here fleet management software. You know in real-time how fast your driver is going. If they go too much over the limit, you can always call them and ask them to loosen it up.

How is this going to save you money? Well, the engine consumes more fuel at a higher speed in order to generate more power for the vehicle. With a fleet monitoring software, you can keep the speed in check at a cruising level that will keep your fuel costs also in check. This makes the entire process more economical for your business.

The Business Landscape is Changing, So Should You

With this pandemic, the state regulations and laws will become petty and strict instead of another way around. And what we told above is just a few of the many benefits you can get with fleet management software.

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