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An Introduction to Weighbridge Software

Accurate and precise weighing operations are a need for mill/factory owners like you. The use advances in technology and weighbridge software have made it possible and is helping save thousands of dollars annually for businesses across the world.

There are several benefits of using an automated truck scale for your business. In this blog, we will introduce you to some of them.

Use of smart weighbridge software

Back in the day when there was nobody to see, people did not perform weighing operations properly.

Some of them were too clever for the system. They would weigh the same truck twice and you would lose your money.

They also reeled in trucks into the system, weigh them, and generate an invoice for more weight than the actual to get more payment out.

The weighing software puts an end to all these practices.

How does it work?

Let us assume there is a Truck 1. It is supposed to carrying 1000 kg of sugarcane straight from the field.

The truck enters your compound and the work of the weighbridge software begins.

  1. The truck driver will show his/her smart card ID to the reader placed at the entrance.
  2. The Weighbridge System Software reader will log driver entry and match the documents with the system – truck number, driver name, the source field, weight requested, etc.
  3. The truck proceeds to weigh station. The traffic lights give the movement signal.
  4. The driver parks the truck at the weighing platform. The system records the weight and prepares an invoice based on the pre-accepted rate.

The Truck Scale Software opens the boom barrier and truck exits.

Want to Learn More?

What you read above is just a drop of the vast ocean of opportunities that the world of automatic truck scale offers the mills and factories.

To know more about the weighbridge software and how it can grow your business, schedule a free demo by our team. Contact us today!