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#1 Reason to Use Our Customize Waste Management Software

To understand the solid waste management software, one has to understand what solid waste management is and what are the problems associated with it. The global problem of solid waste generation and management is quite serious with many companies realising the importance of the process – economically and environmentally.

But humans have a tendency to steering clear of the things that they do not understand quite yet. As a result, the companies are also staying away from the waste landfill software due to several misconceptions.

What Does the World Bank Have to Say?

In 2018, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, a lending arm of The World Bank, published a report titled What a Waste 2.0. After studying a number of reports and researches, the conclusion states that 0.74 kilograms waste is generated per capita globally.

Without waste landfill software application, every single human being in the world is producing 0.74 kilograms of waste daily! That is quite a huge number. The World Bank estimates that municipal waste generation will increase to 3.4 billion tonnes by 2050. It also states that the majority fraction of the solid waste is made up of recyclables, whose level increases with the increase in the income level of the country. You can access the whole report here.

Why Use Waste Management Software?

India is a developing country.

Till now, most cities in our cities are not wholly urbanised and are in the process of doing so.

The economic development of India is significantly impressive but not that high to call us a developed nation.

Population growth of India is no secret from the world. Even at the time of us writing this blog, at least 1000 children are being born in all parts of the country.

And we still do not use effective solid waste management software.

Waste generation is a by-product of urbanisation, economic development, and population growth; we top the list for all the parameters above.

Reports say that the global growth rate of waste generation is anywhere near 4%. That is a scary number especially if we are not too much into recycling and do not use a solid waste management software for effective solid waste management.

Help in Flattening the Curve

With an exponential population growth rate, developing economic growth, and rising urbanisation of the Indian cities, solid waste generation is going to rise. The question comes, what can we do about it?

If you are interested in actually doing something about it instead of complaining, you can join the movement to flatten the curve. Pledge to reduce solid waste generation in any way that you can. Start at an individual level, from your homes.

And if you are a business, check here for solid waste management software by Amity to see how you can flatten the curve. Let us prove The World Bank wrong, eh?