Amity Software is a licensed manufacturer of weighbridges and weigh-scales as per their proprietary designs and registered models.

We also undertakes to maintain its weighbridges as well as those of other manufacturers. It holds valid licenses for the maintenance of weighbridges in a number of provinces in India. It carries out this activity by entering into Annual Maintenance Contracts with its customers.

We have a permanent team of experienced engineers and technicians for the installation and repair and maintenance of weighbridges. Amity employs one of the largest teams of weighbridge engineers and technicians in North India.

We also undertakes outsourced operations and maintenance of weighbridges as a service on behalf of its clients by deputing its operators and technicians to manage and carry out the weighing operations on behalf of clients. Most such jobs undertaken are mission critical activities on behalf of the clients where weighed items and quantities account for a significant proportion of the input cost or output value of the client.

We operate in weighing environments where the weighing operations are carried out almost continuously and in high density weighbridge utilization. We maintain all types of weighbridges – mechanical, electromechanical and electronic pit type and pit-less weighbridges.

We have our own proprietary software for the automation of weighbridges which makes error free weighing a possibility and preventing fraud. It also completely automates the weighing system so that no manpower is required for operating the weighbridges and accurate weighing can also be carried out in remote locations.



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