Enterprise Web Portal

Enterprise Web Portal

AMITY is an expert in developing corporate enterprise web portals. Amity’s web portal is built for scale, to address existing as well as future growth demands of the organisation and for use by both, their clientele as well as its employees.

Our holistic web portal is also segregated to address the unique requirements of individual user categories. These requests and requirements are from corporates, employees or users.

In our web portal, the corporate section shows corporate initiatives and share information such as tenders, organisation details, etc. The employee section is for the use of internal employees and shares internal documents, reports, transfer orders and other official information across employees globally. The user section has several independent microsites within the enterprise web portal to represent the individual information.

Features Of Web Portal Made by AMITY

AMITY’s team of professionals have worked on a number of web portal creation projects where each project is more advanced, technologically demanding and detailed than the last one. Using the insight gained from all of them, we offer some unique features to our clients when you let us create your web portal.