Warehouse Management System

Amity Software, as the IT partners of Miebach Consultants in India, has gained specialized expertise and developed software for Automated Warehouses. These solutions were made for M/s Dabur India Limited and M/s Escorts Tractors Limited. This is highly specialized and sophisticated software, and is required by very large manufacturing/trading companies who intend to automate and computerize their Warehouses. One of the highlight of the system is the use of Hand Held Terminal (HHT) & Scanners for unloading, put-way, picking & replenishment to provide paperless operations in the warehouse and provide ‘Zero-Defect’ procedures.


  • For picking the system generates a pick list for the item under dispatch (order wise).
  • The pick list is downloaded on the HHT and the user takes the HHT to the location indicated, where he scans the location, the load units and the item.
  • The location, unit and item are verified against the data downloaded earlier, if found correct the data is recorded on the HHT and control passes to the next item, else it prompts an error message.
  • Once the pick list is complete the HHT is taken back to the system and the data downloaded on the PC and the database is updated.

Weigh Smart

It is a software solution designed specifically for US Produce Warehouse market, along workflow followed. The solution automates weighing operations, printing of weighmaster certificate, storage allocation based on variety & class, maintaining accounts and generating Statutory reports required by USDA. The solution is certified by US Federal Government as well as California State Government




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