Vehicle Identification System (VIS)

About VIS

Vehicle Identification System(VIS) has been designed to augment weighing process followed for weighing sugarcane, to curb fraudulent weighing of sugarcane and at the same time enhance efficiency.

Components Used

Vehicle Identification System(VIS)  using following hardware/technologies


There are two sort of Tags using in Vehicle Identification System,Each of which are uniquely pre-numbered. These are EPC(Electronic Product code) "Tags". These tags are read from an distance and it has been connected with the PC computers. Apart from the Bar code readers,This can be read even if it is not directly in front of readers. This can be Readable of up to Nine Meters. Amity Software being one of the leading Smart Card vendors at national level, have expertise, experience, and technical collaboration with companies, to utilize this technology effectively.


Readers will be installed in the "Token points" so that the "Tag" fixed vehicle can be read automatically. This reader will be
connected to PC computer on one end and to “Antenna” on the other hand. Antenna will be in the form of TWO vertical MASTS. These two masts will be fixed – one to each side of the Gate, so that the “Tag” is within a distance of 9 m from the Antenna mast.

Process of VIS

The system has been designed for identification of cane vehicles. This system will ELIMINATE fraudulent or duplicate Weighment,resulting in huge savings for the mill.

Whenever, a cart/trolley brings the cane to factory for the “first time”,
a “Tag” will be nailed/screwed to the vehicle then and there only. Once it is fixed, it will last for years and years. We could give a tag with a hole in the middle so they could be nailed to the vehicles.

In the proposed system, these “Tags” will be permanently “nailed” to each Cart/Trolley/Trucks which brings cane at Mill Gate.

We have separated this service as the basis on surface.

Wooden Surface(Carts & Trucks)

It will be in the form of a PVC Post Card, which can be nailed to vehicle body.

Metal Surface(Trolleys)

It will be in the form of a Plastic Plate which will be fixed with a Nut & Bolt, using an Electric Drill.

The system will be made in such a fashion that a "TOKEN" is issued only after sensing the “Tag” and also ensuring that no token has been issued to this vehicle earlier, thus eliminating the possibility of fraudulent Weighment. This is possible to do so since, each “Tag” is uniquely numbered and Vehicle Number (Tag Number) is linked to Supply Ticket number at this stage.



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