Amity Software provides top of the line products on transportation. Our products are used to track the vehicles. This product is basically runs on GPS/GPRS and GSM. We call this product as fleet management system.

Our Products on transportation

Vehicle Tracking System(VTS)

We have developed our own GPS device with proprietary software and firmware to handle the special needs of our customers. This process is otherwise known as Fleet management system.more...

Our solutions on transportation

We have developed a proven solution to implement smart card based Driving license and Vehicle registration certificate, which is readily deploy able. We offer an integrated solution thereby optimizing resources. Further the solution can be implemented in modules.

An integrated solution for driving license and Vehicle Registration covers

  • On-line collection of applicant's data
  • Personalization and issuance of Smart Card based Driving License to the applicant
  • Creation of data base of Smart card based Driving License holders.
  • Database Management

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Fleet Management System

We have been working in the area of GPS and fleet management for a couple of years and have developed a deep understanding of handling of large volumes of data generated from a large fleet of vehicles on the move 24x7 and serving a large audience of users accessing the system from various devices like desktops and mobile devices.more...

Our Case Study on transportation

Waste Collection System MCD

Ramky Environ Systems Limited, with revenue of more than one billion USD is entrusted to manage waste collection system from households and commercial establishments of Northern Delhi.more...





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