Internationally as Amity Software, we deliver a specialized sugarcane weighing Hardware for sugar industry and introduces a smart weighment system(SWS) to automates the weighing operations in sugarcane industries using cutting edge RFID technology.

Our Products in Sugar industry

Smart Weighment System(SWS)

The Smart Weighment System (SWS) automates the weighing operation in the agricultural industries, incorporating cutting edge RFID technology. It has been designed along Workflow, followed in these industries.more..

Query by Mobile System

Query By Mobile System(QMS) is the fucntionality that provides the communication through SMS on mobile system and it can be used in many way with more advantages that we provide in it. more...

Interactive Voice Response System

We assure quality solutions on customer side with Interactive Voice Response System(IVRS). This could help people with the voice response guidance. One can easily avail the facilities on IVRS.more..


We are a licensed manufacturer of weighbridges and weigh-scales as per their proprietary designs and registered models.

We also undertake to maintain its weighbridges as well as those of other manufacturers. more...

Our Solutions in Sugar Industry

Agricultural Management System

Agriculture Management System, commonly known as AMS, has been designed to manage the life cycle of Sugarcane crop for sugar factories. more...

Pulse ERP

We offer industry specific ERP software at a reasonable price. PULSE, our ERP for Sugar industry received tremendous response. more...

Smart Field Weighing Solutions

we have a full-fledged “weighing systems division” and are a leading vendor in the field of weighing and electronic Truck scales.   more...

Our Case Study in Sugar

SWS automates Cane Weighment operation incorporating cutting edge RFID technology. It has been designed along Workflow, followed at Sugar factories. more...




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