Smart Weighment System

Smart Weighment System (SWS) is one of the most sought after and proven weighing solution available in the industry. It is designed for 24x7 heavy-duty operation requiring bulk weighing in various industries such as Agriculture, Steel, Cement, Mining, Fertilizer, Construction, etc.

SWS is designed along re-engineered work-flow to automate weighing operation. Some of the advantages are –

  • Scalability – Modular design – Easy to add components to meet operational requirement
  • Reduced document handling with issuance of Radio Tokens
  • Electronic transactions – accurate and error free
  • Cost efficiency – direct reduction in manpower
  • ?Enhanced productivity – increased throughput - It has been observed that number of vehicles weighed increases by 25% - 30%.
  • Automatic photograph at the time of weighing – Malpractices eliminated
  • Traffic flow facilitation – smoother and faster vehicular movement

Solution Components: SWS is designed in modular form to scale-up and adjust operation to meet load and flow requirements, at ease. Some of the components are –

  • Entry Token Station
  • Gross Weighment Station
  • Crop Carrier Station
  • Tare Weighment Station
  • Self Help Station
  • Document Collection Station




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