Smart Weighment System for truck Scales

Smart Weighment System is an ‘operator less’ or ‘man less’ weighing system, which automates the weighing process at the weighbridges. Our system boasts of a vocal guidance system which guides the user or driver through the weighment process at the Weighbridge Platform. We also provide a facility to record the voice in local dialect.

Our system currently is successfully implemented in organizations such as Mumias Sugar Company Limited and West Kenya Sugar Company Limited in Kenya and Kakira Sugar Company Limited in Uganda.

This System was specially designed for Sugarcane Industry for weighing the sugarcane crop at the Factory weighbridges. This system, though initially designed for the sugarcane industry, has also been very successfully implemented in other sectors such as, Cement, Coal, Paper, Mines, etc.

To automate and streamline the weighing process, our system uses the following hardware devices:-

  • Radio Token Reader based on RFID Technology
  • Radio Token
  • Control Station
  • Traffic Lights (vehicle movement control system)
  • P.A. System
  • Buzzer
  • Trigger Switch
  • Automated Boom Barrier
  • Radio Token Reader for Vehicle Identification System
  • VIS Antenna for Vehicle Identification System
  • VIS Tag for Vehicle Identification System

The following benefits are offered by our system:-

  • Automated voice guiding weighing system provides accuracy in the weighment process.
  • Streamlined weighing operations and captures stable weight only, thereby increasing the efficiency and decreasing the turn around time of the system.
  • Eliminates Double weighing, inaccurate weighment and weighing frauds.
  • Utilizes the existing infrastructure such as weighbridge and digitizer and most importantly, eliminates paper work.


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