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Sarit Centre

Customer Background:

Sarit Centre is Kenya 's first, biggest and busiest shopping mall, opened in 1983 in Nairobi . It has total built-up area of 500,000 sq ft on six levels, housing a mix of supermarkets, shops, service outlets, offices, 2-screen cinema, health club with swimming pool, 1,500 sq ft of food court, etc. Approx. 20,000 shoppers visit it daily.
Enlightened Sarit Centre management have installed our Smart Value Plus i.e. Cross Loyalty product, to position itself in ever-increasing competitive environment.

Comprehensive Loyalty cum E-purse programme

Sarit Centre has launched Loyalty cum E-purse programme for its shoppers to enhance shopping experience and to offer privileged services to its loyal customers. The programme is built around our Smart Value Plus concept.

Under the programme shoppers enroll themselves for Smart Value or Smart Value Plus Card as per their choice. Shoppers may opt for secondary card(s) also.

Cardholder may get money uploaded on e-purse in primary as well as secondary card. Shoppers earn loyalty points on making purchase-using card. They get choice to redeem loyalty points against purchase at any member outlet or by getting credited to e-purse on card. They can redeem loyalty points by making payment for parking.

Various Lucky draws are carried out for different segments of cardholders based on accumulated loyalty points/age of membership.


The programme is first of its kind launched in East Africa . 150 merchant outlets are member of programme.

Benefits derived

  • Enhanced Brand Value of Sarit Centre
  • Enhanced bond between shoppers and the mall
  • Created PULL factor
  • Earn while Spend feel in shoppers


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