Smart Field Weighing Solutions

we have a full-fledged “weighing systems division” and are a leading vendor in the field of weighing and electronic Truck scales. We, an ISO 9001 company, are licensed to manufacture, maintain, sell, and support electronic weighing scales, and have the largest Truck scale support infra-structure in northern India. During the last 15 years, we have been supporting 500+ truck weigh scales deployed for mission-critical weighing applications.

We cover a large variety of weighing needs, offering well designed models from light commercial use to extreme heavy duty all in steel construction, and all accompanied with weighbridge software to manage and simplify work. Our specialization is in providing high quality weighbridge with a long trouble free Annual Maintenance service and this has been our niche in expanding our client base from across varied segments. 

Weighbridge Systems and Software 

Our great experience in weighbridges helped us develop Weighbridge Systems and Software that helps our clients to enhance the availability of management information and optimize the weighing procedure. 

With the Weighbridge Surveillance Camera and Automatic Vehicle recognition, a complete control of the weighing operation and vehicle positioning can be obtained ¬. Ultimately, the weighbridge gets converted to an unattended weighing station which is a low cost solution that enables the client to switch from manual operations to fully automatic operations. With extensive Research and Development we have designed and evolved The Smart Weighment System™ for operator less weighing, The Vehicle Identification System for fraud prevention

One of the key advantages is therefore a huge saving on the cost as the consumables cost is also restricted. Thus the elimination of data entry minimizes the possibility of operator error and in turn guarantees a Zero Possibility of Fraudulent/ Inaccurate Weighing

The installation of traffic lights and boom barriers ensures the smooth flow of the vehicles which greatly improves the effectiveness of the weighing at the weighbridges. This system of Zero Data Entry is being effectively operated by Amity Software in the sugar and cement industry in India and East Africa.



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