The opportunity for businesses, today, to benefit from collective knowledge and industry best practices is immense. At the same time, key characteristics intrinsic to the identity of an organization, and which are fundamental differentiators in providing a competitive edge, also need to be integrated into the technology offering. These initiatives need to combine expertise, experience, processes and technology, and must deliver on enhancing productivity, maximizing business impact.

Amity is a leading repository of technological and business knowledge that is field-proven across industries and geographies, helping run enterprise-wide mission-critical operations. Our experience spans across development, integration, implementation and support of our own as well as leading industry products and solutions in the field. Testimony to the quality of our services, aligned with company-specific objectives, lies in the long-term and sustainable relationships we have forged with users, as their trusted partner.

Key benefits of our solutions include:

  • Enhanced productivity, efficiency and cost optimization
  • Future-proofed solution with scalability, flexibility and sustainability to meet current as well as emerging requirements
  • Use of latest technology, tools and products
  • Accuracy, transparency and accountability
  • Empowered and informed decision-making

Amity recognizes that organizations may have both the need for new systems as well as for upgrading and updating existing ones, without compromising business continuity.

Our approach, when implementing new systems and/or updating to the latest systems, is to also integrate with existing legacy systems, thereby ensuring smooth transition without risking ongoing operations.

Amity’s delivery approach, whether for bespoke development, product implementations, or for any other services from our portfolio of offerings, is designed to meet the user organization’s business objectives. Thus, our design methodology considers current and future needs in order that our solutions render continued value.

Amity’s portfolio of services includes:

  • Customization and implementation
  • Systems integration
  • Support services
  • Bespoke software solutions
  • Web portal, content management and mobile app development
  • Managed services