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SAP PRACTICE / Upgrade & Support Services

SAP Support

Due to the multiple challenges faced in most organizations of escalating SAP support costs and limited internal staff, companies are looking at partners to reduce maintenance costs and augment existing support teams with external teams with pre-defined SLAs and professional ticket management to arrive at on-time solutions.

SAP support services help you troubleshoot, maintain and enhance the efficiency and uptime of your SAP solutions. We deliver support on a proactive, reactive or project basis, with built in flexibility. Amity Partner Centre of Expertise (PCoE) has met SAP's rigorous requirements for providing high-quality and high-value support services.

We deliver:

  • Timely, consistent and high-quality support delivered by our experienced consultants
  • Flexibility in support contracts and pricing
  • Reduced maintenance cost through reducing system administration complexity
  • Integrated delivery between technical and functional consultants covering all areas of SAP
  • A dedicated, long-serving team who intimately know your business and SAP system

SAP Upgrade

Amity SAP ERP Upgrade brings together proven methodology and experience in upgrading to SAP ERP. Our consultants ensure an optimum upgraded SAP solution specifically designed for your business needs that exploits new features available in the upgraded version. SAP upgrades begin with an appraisal of the landscape present in your organization. Reappraisal of the current landscape ensures that it is aligned with your organization's strategic roadmap.

  • Technical upgrade: The objective of a technical upgrade is to achieve all goals that are within easy reach while minimizing impact on the business.
  • Functional upgrade: A functional upgrade's objective is to improve the business processes of the organization, in addition to the upgrade of its technical environment.
  • Strategic upgrade: The objective of a strategic upgrade is to ensure the adoption and deployment of web services, i.e. Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (ESOA) to create immediate differentiation and competitive advantages for an organization
SAP Rollout

Amity offers dependable roll-out services to clients. Solution Rollout involves the re-commissioning of SAP implemented templates that have already been implemented at another location.

AMITY offers SAP rollout services with well-defined tools that would reduce rollout time frame greatly. Our approach is to create a master template based on the reference business process for the client. Majority of the already carried out settings are implemented based on the previous implementation.

SAP Integration

Amity offers dependable roll-out services to clients. Solution Rollout involves the re-commissioning of SAP implemented templates that have already been Businesses get the best out of their SAP applications by integrating them with other systems thereby developing end-to-end business processes.

We help reduce costs and increase performance of your application investments while avoiding the challenge of a drawn-out, expensive and complicated project cycle.

SAP Testing

Managing risks associated with defects can be challenging for businesses. Automating and accelerating SAP testing will guarantee quality, functioning and consistency of SAP applications. This also reduces need for manual testing, which is error prone and time consuming.

By reusing test assets, we will help you get the best out of their SAP implementation.