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SAP PRACTICE / Enterprise Consulting Services

Enterprise Resource Planning

To move forward as a business in a competitive environment, an organization must progress in its use of technology and systems as they can lead to significant cost savings and efficiency improvements. Today's business environment rewards those who can act faster and more efficiently. Many organizations face major challenges in their efforts to become smarter, better-run businesses.

An organization that has no ERP will be running on many kinds of software that do not allow interaction. Customization also may be difficult in some cases. This will negatively affect the optimized functioning of an organization's business activities. Amity can help answer these challenges through our partnership with SAP.

SAP experts at Amity understand how to leverage your SAP implementation to help you make the right business decisions. Our wide range of SAP consulting services offers you a complete range of expert SAP services to meet your business needs, guided by Amity experts. Our consulting services for ERP provide end-to-end life cycle management from design, build and implementation.

Amity can draw on a global talent base to help clients obtain niche skills and free up internal resources for strategic projects. Our SAP consultants provide a wealth of business vertical knowledge and technical expertise to meet your short-term goal realization or long-term TCO reduction needs.

SAP Cloud Services

Tap into the rapid innovation that the Cloud enables and adapt your processes quickly to ever changing market dynamics and customer needs. Amity helps clients manage their entire business, HR, finance, customers and procurement in the cloud with the most comprehensive cloud computing portfolio.

Service Offerings:

  • Advisory & Cloud Readiness, Process Assessment, Gap Analysis
  • Implementation and Rollouts
  • Integration
  • On-premise to Cloud Migrations